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The Holiday Tablet Wars Begin

31 October 2012

From Reuters:

The biggest names in consumer technology, stung by a string of disappointing quarterly results this month, are suiting up for what’s shaping to be the fiercest holiday battle in years.

Investors and consumers have already largely written off flaccid quarterly numbers from tech behemoths like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon. What counts is the next 60 days, when the biggest names in technology do battle at a near-unprecedented scale and pace.

. . . .

Apple CEO Tim Cook compared Microsoft’s Surface tablet to an over-engineered car that can fly and float. And Microsoft went for the iPad, saying its Surface boasted twice its storage.

. . . .

“The tablet space is where the growth is. That’s why they are all fighting over it. PC shipments are down and some tablet buyers may never buy another PC,” said Michael Allenson, strategic consulting director in the Technology and Telecom Research Group at Maritz Research.

“Last holiday season, we saw a lot of buying of tablets in the $200 to $300 price range. This year, the iPad mini and Amazon’s Kindle Fires are targeted as large gifts. They are trying to ride that wave and win as much as they can.”

. . . .

Odds-on favorite Apple has lost some of its aura of invincibility, with Google’s Android and Samsung making inroads into its reign in smartphones, Microsoft’s quickening marketing blitz, and Amazon’s Kindle nipping at its heels as the No. 2 tablet in the United States market.

. . . .

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, in a talk this month, took a shot at Apple, which has faced a barrage of complaints about glitches in its mapping software since dumping Google’s service from its iPhone.

“What Apple has learned is that maps are really hard. They really are hard,” he said. “Apple should have kept with our maps.”

Not to be outdone in the sniping, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos took a subtle swipe at Apple’s high prices in the Internet retailer’s quarterly results statement Thursday, saying “our approach is to work hard to charge less.”

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4 Comments to “The Holiday Tablet Wars Begin”

  1. “This year, the iPad mini and Amazon’s Kindle Fires are targeted as large gifts.”


    My sister, (who used to work for IBM) is about the most computer illiterate person I know is nagging me to bring her over an Ipad/Fire/Tablet of some sort.

    She lives in the back of beyond, in Spain, has steam driven internet that falls over most of the time, along with water and power that works when it feels like it.

    She can’t use ’em, they won’t work where she is, but still she’s givin me serious GBH of the ear ‘ole to get her one.

    People are nutz.


  2. More tablet choices that will force manufacturers to compete on design, content,features, pricing, etc.? Sign me up! It would be a shame if iPad were the only popular tablet out there. Bring on the competition!

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