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A Six-Word Story Contest

9 November 2012

From Boston.com:

“American? But what are you, really?”

Sarah Hassan, a freshman at UMass Boston, read the poignant line to a campus center lounge packed nearly full of students and faculty on Wednesday, Nov. 7. It sounded like the beginning of poem, but it was already over.

Hassan’s “short story” was the winning entry for the school’s first ever six-word story contest. The contest, put together by UMass Boston’s creative writing department, was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s legendary six-word story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

“The challenge is to tell a complete story, with a sense of conflict, development and revelation,” said the school’s director of undergraduate creative writing, Tom O’Grady. “It’s amazing to be able to do that in six words.”

. . . .

[Story entries] came from English majors and chemistry majors, from freshmen and seniors, and from serious writers who spent hours on their stories and those who participated because it was “easy.”

. . . .

“Wait, you gave him peanut butter?”

. . . .

“Sin City: Please let me in.”

Link to the rest at Boston.com

Here are a couple of PG’s six-word stories:

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21 Comments to “A Six-Word Story Contest”

  1. Body ain’t nothing without a head.

  2. The asteroid was detected too late.

  3. Went indie, still waiting for success.

  4. I thought you had the key.

  5. Bartholomew Thockmorton

    Wait! Your husband is here now?

  6. I need it to be you

  7. Two blue lines at just eighteen?

  8. Immortality is harder than it looks.

  9. I am loving these great stories.

  10. He screamed; only the well answered.

  11. “But why’d she’d take the dog?”

  12. The sun faded into darkness, forever.

  13. Her wedding dress became her shroud.

  14. Wedding rings, 1970. Three hundred? Sold.

    (It’s a true story, by the way.)

  15. Were hamster goes on small rampage.

  16. Leave me chalkboard note, Yoda did.

  17. A platypus? It’s just so wrong.

    [Reaction of British scientists to first platypus specimen from Australia. It is a crazy mixed up animal – egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal…]

  18. Husband impotent. Hid Viagra. Married lover.

  19. Smartphone: pool. Midnight laughing. Over myself.

  20. You guys are friggin awesome writers.

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