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Hatch’s Plot Bank

30 November 2012

From Hatch’s Plot Bank:

This site is designed to help novel, short story, movie, television, play, and video game writers develop new plot ideas. Over 2000 scenarios ranging from the normal to the bizarre are provided as a spark for the imagination. Some plots are sitcom cliches (that might deserve a new twist) while others are unusual happenings gleaned from the world of news and a few odd minds. Other story ideas are subtle suggestions that could be taken several ways – according to your mood or whim at the moment. Some others are everyday situations given an interesting wrinkle. Take a look for yourself.

. . . .

13 ancient oak on family homestead is dying

14 one of the farm kittens is half bobcat!

. . . .

59 geneological study reveals a bad side to Grandpa

Link to the rest at Hatch’s Plot Bank

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11 Comments to “Hatch’s Plot Bank”

  1. Um….this feels exactly like the “helpful” friend who says, “I have a great idea for a novel. I’ll tell it to you, you write the book, and we’ll split the profits.” Helpful friend never realizes that the idea isn’t the important part, the execution of the idea is.

    This plot bank is meant to be helpful and it’s freely given, and that’s nice. I just don’t know how useful it will be to writers. After all, most writers already know exactly what they want to write about, and most of them have more ideas than they have time to write them.

    • The best solution for this ‘problem’: reverse the proportions on your friend.

      Tell your friend that you, as an experienced idea person, have a much better idea – but don’t have time to write it. Offer them half the profits if they will write YOUR idea.

      You’re pretty much guaranteed your friend won’t take you up on the offer.

  2. And if you’re really stuck with writer’s block, there’s an app for that: http://boingboing.net/2012/11/29/story-dice-app-for-storytelli.html

    At least I think that’s what it’s for…. Alas, I have no iPad.

  3. Wait, wait, I thought everyone still subscribed to that plot-of-the-month service from the little old lady who lived outside Detroit. Have I missed something?

    • That would be Beulah Catchpole. I know her. I visit her quite often because she has shoeboxes full of ideas that she keeps behind the portable bar in her basement.

    • Schenectady, actually. That’s what Harlan Ellison has always said, and I can confirm it personally.

      You see, I have my own deal with the Poughkeepsie Idea Factory: I’m a beta tester. They send me their latest ideas at night, in my dreams (which, I assure you, are unbearably weird as often as not). If the ideas pass muster, they take them back, wipe them from my memory, and sell them to the paying customers. Those that fail quality control, I keep.

      If they send me an idea that makes me wake up screaming and covered in sweat, they send it posthaste to Stephen King at double the usual price.

  4. I was thinking of subscribing to Harlan Ellison’s plot service in Schenectady, but I think they charge too much.


  5. This site is as useful as shoes made of lightbulbs.

  6. Why are y’all PAYING for ideas? Stake out your favorite writer’s trash bin!

    (BTW, I have dibs on Neil Gaiman’s.)

  7. I’m only going by the “ideas” listed in this post, but they sure sound a lot more like NaNoWriMo dares than actual plot ideas. That is, things to throw into your story when things seem to be slowing down, after you already have a plot going on.

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