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iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7

10 November 2012

If you have never seen any “Will it Blend?” YouTube videos, be prepared for a shock.

A friend of PG’s is acquainted with the Blendtec guy, who is the company’s founder. The YouTube videos have powered a tremendous increase in sales.



And, for Twilight fans:



14 Comments to “iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7”

  1. P.G.

    I think that is quite the nuttiest thing I’ve ever seen.

    WTF would anyone be crazy enough to do that?


    • Brendan – Obviously, you’ve not kept up with recent developments in blender marketing. 🙂

      Blendtec has been making these types of YouTube videos for several years and sales have exploded. My understanding is that the idea started when Blendtec was trying to figure out a way to survive in the face of a much larger competitor.

      Blendtec decided to make YouTube videos to demonstrate how tough their blenders were. While the company sells consumer models now, at that time, their business was mostly commercial – smoothie shops, etc.

      The more they put strange things into their blenders, the higher their YouTube traffic. Increased sales followed. They added the corny music and graphics when YouTube became their primary advertising venue.

      Will lightsticks blend? (almost 10 million YouTube views) http://youtu.be/l69Vi5IDc0g

      Here is an iPhone 4 being blended – http://youtu.be/fLreo24WYeQ

      And a video that answers the question, “Will Justin Bieber blend?” http://youtu.be/I7TK_8RiVj8

  2. I love these videos. Fricking hilarious.

  3. Love it!

  4. *laughs*

    *keeps laughing*

    These are hilarious!

  5. Notice the fineness and consistency from the blended iPad Mini – very different from the coarse flakes of its competitors.

    The iPad Mini provides the finest blending experience of any tablet device in the small form factor arena.

  6. My son and I are sitting here laughing like Beavis and Butthead.

    Wife shakes head.

    Consumer Reports should contract with this guy for product testing. I’d subscribe in a second!

  7. Okay, that is hilarious. I can not believe what human beings will think of doing.

    Too funny. They deserve their success!

  8. I had to call in the children. Who immediately said, “You need to buy one of those!”

    So, yeah. Great marketing. I am seriously trying to decide if I can justify a new blender for the occasional milkshake night we have. LOL.

  9. SNL- Bass-o-matic

  10. That is hilarious! I especially love the Twilight blend! Definitely the SNL Bass-o-matic!

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