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Music to Read By: A Playlist for Fall

21 November 2012

From BookRiot:

Though we tend to save our reading lists for summer, the longer nights of autumn provide a perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the books we didn’t get through in the warmer months. Give those light, summer reads a more autumnal feel with this playlist of music to read by. Time to get your “adagio” on!

The Seasons, Op. 67 

Autumn: Petit Adagio—Alexander Glazunov

Alexander Glazunov rose to fame quickly at the beginning of his composition career; he studied piano for two years before he began composing and his talent was seen immediately. Some of his best works were written while he worked as the director of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

The Seasons are one of three ballets Glazunov wrote and one of his most popular works today. An allegorical ballet with one act and four scenes, it was choreographed by the renowned Marius Petipa, who also choreographed GiselleSwan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty. 

Glazunov’s Petit Adagio is a pleasant and beautifully pensive listen.

Link to the rest at BookRiot

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2 Comments to “Music to Read By: A Playlist for Fall”

  1. Cool. I’m always looking for good music! 🙂

  2. Okay, I don’t know if I should admit this….

    When I want background sound when I’m writing or working, I put The Third Man Theme on continuous loop.

    (I suppose some are thinking why bother? Listen to it once or twice and it tends to play in a continuous loop anyway. I guess I just find that it frees up the “ear-bug” part of my brain to work on the task at hand or something.)

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