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Newsweek/Daily Beast Partners With Vook on Ebook Program

9 November 2012

From Digital Book World:

Newsweek/Daily Beast will partner with ebook production vendor and publisher Vook on producing ebooks.

The partnership officially kicks off tomorrow with the publication of Why Romney Lost (And What The GOP Can Do About It) by Newsweek contributing editor and author David Frum. The company declined to specify the nature of the partnership — how many titles would be published and over what time-frame.

“The team at Vook move fast — important to us as we needed to get Frum’sWhy Romney Lost into the marketplace quickly to beat the post-election crush — the platform is highly usable and their team has established marketing experience and resources. We look forward to working with them on future titles,” said Mark Miller, Newsweek/Daily Beast director of editorial operations.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World

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6 Comments to “Newsweek/Daily Beast Partners With Vook on Ebook Program”

  1. P.G.

    Oh no, more election stuff!

    Americans have a quite staggering appetite for electoral matters and you all get into a complete swivet about ’em:)

    I must admit, I did enjoy Trump’s self demolition on twitter. Just how does a perfect eejit like that get any attention at all, the bloke is certifiable.


  2. David Frum’s wife, Danielle, was the conservative colour commentator on CBC’s coverage up here. Towards the end, after everybody but Romney had called it, she mentioned the book would be coming out on Friday. Thinking of a print run, I though “Wow, he must have been sure!” Making it an ebook means he had rather more time to come to his conclusions and write than I had thought.
    David Frum is the son of the late, beloved Barbara Frum, whose larger than life picture looks at all of us from the CBC Atrium here in Toronto. As a conservative Canadian (I’m not sure of his current citizenship, but he was brought up here), he surely stands just right of centre in the US. He was a speech writer for the Republican White House some years ago.

  3. If I remember, Vook was one of those services with truly bad terms for authors. Seems like Big Publishing Companies have an affinity for these guys. Birds of a feather?

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