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Simon & Schuster to publish more reworked Twilight fanfic

9 November 2012

From TeleRead:

Ever since reworked Twilight fanfic Fifty Shades of Grey hit bookstore shelves and immediately burned a path up the charts, many publishers have beengiving more serious consideration to fanfic. Might it make a decent source of publishable stories, a sort of Internet slushpile they could mine for nuggets at their leisure?

But it seems that history shows yet again that you can always count on someone to learn the wrong lesson: If one Twilight fanfic is able to strike it big, why not try again with another one? A Simon & Schuster imprint has just made a “substantial” book deal for another repurposed Twilight fanfic—a story called The Office that turned Edward and Bella into a boss and his assistant.

. . . .

Of course, filing serial numbers off and republishing Twilight fanfic for money isn’t exactly a new practice. Indeed, it’s so widespread that it seems to make up its own fannish self-publishing subgenre, complete with fannish abbreviation “P2P” (for “pulled to publish”).

Link to the rest at TeleRead and thanks to Karl for the tip.

Where would our culture be without the thoughtful and sensitive curation of books provided by Big Publishing?


36 Comments to “Simon & Schuster to publish more reworked Twilight fanfic”

  1. Gatekeepers, my @$$.

  2. Not really surprising, considering the precedent set by 50 Shades, but why do I get the feeling that those most guilty of repurposing fanfic will be the most ligatious about preventing someone from doing the same to their works?

  3. P.G.

    What makes me a bit sad is that 50 shades, in my humble opinion is unreadable. I know zillions of folks love it, but it is tripe.

    There is much better fanfic out there, properly put together. I wish they’d publish that.


    • I agree, 100%.

      Plus can we say *cough*The Writer’s Coffee Shop*cough* as a major source of repubbed, BAD, uneditted Twilight fanfic. Sure, we’ll take your poorly edited fanfic, doesn’t matter if it’s a crap story or not, if it has any ties to Twilight, we’re in! WCS will smack their label on it, crank in out, no in-house quality control, take their cut and viola! Even if they don’t get lucky with another 50 Shades hit, think of all the nickels and dimes of royalties they’re raking in by riding this trend. Which just goes to show how far (and desperate and transparent) the publishing industry at all levels has become.

      Quality? Ha!

      $$$ — Hellsya!

      Just goes to show that even the stuffy publishers, after all their preaching and nose-in-the-air attitude about being gatekeepers, are all about the Benjis.

      • Just goes to show that even the stuffy publishers, after all their preaching and nose-in-the-air attitude about being gatekeepers, are all about the Benjis.

        And always have been. Pretending to care about art is just their fall-back excuse when the Benjis fail to appear.

    • There is much better fanfic out there, properly put together. I wish they’d publish that.

      So true!

  4. Has anyone said, “AUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” yet?

    Because that’s my contribution.

  5. All the more reason to read indie authors and let legacy publishing stew in it own juices.

  6. Yuck.

  7. I’m sorry, PG, did you say something? I just blacked out for a moment in rage.

  8. I guess I’m the only one who finds this announcement hysterically funny.

  9. Meanwhile, a dystopian novel that is actually good won’t get published.

  10. My hand to Bog, I thought this was a parody article until I clicked the link. Groooooaaaaannnnn.

  11. So, when the Big 6 (soon to be Big 5) are sick of fanfic, what will the next new big thing be? Here are some suggestions:

    1. Scratch-and-Sniff Cookbooks
    2. Choose-Your-Own Celebrity Death-Match
    4. Books written by dogs (literally)
    5. 20-Book series centering on some famous and beloved political figure as he laments his/her painfully slow transition into a mutant mongoose after having been bitten by a zombie’s pet.

    One thing is for sure, the next big thing will not be a well-written, intelligent and literary book exploring some aspect of the human condition.

  12. I think Simon & Schuster did the right call on this one.

    In spite of all the eye rolling, groaning and head shaking, there are a few things to keep in mind about ‘Beautiful Bastard’, formerly known in the Twifi-world as ‘The Office’.

    It was the original runaway smut hit. For what it is – Twilight Fan Fiction – it’s a better written story than ‘Fifty’. It was pulled off line years ago and have been edited and reworked since with an eye for publication. And like ‘Fifty’ it has a huge fan-base with potentially massive buzz-power.

    Though I doubt it will be as big as ‘Fifty’, I’d definitely buy shares in LaPerla Lingerie if I had any monies, because rampant panty-ripping may very well replace the handcuff craze next year.

  13. Clare K. R. Miller

    To be fair, I’ve read plenty of really good fanfic. But any fanfic that gets that good probably has to be so intimately connected to the canon and characters that you really can’t file the serial numbers off and have it still make sense, or keep the quality.

    • Not necessarily. I mean, it depends on what trope is being used, and how it’s used. Arguably, some of my own current stuff is “fanfic,” in that the characters derived from some characters in an RPG — except said characters started out modern-day telepaths, and sea-changed into alternate-history alchemists. With no telepathy. A lot of other things changed, in the process. Some were minor, and some were major. (The fellow lost his cats; the gal gained a foster-family; the antagonist became a younger brother, not an evil uncle…)

      But the basic “look, if you want some UST of a particular sort, here we have it!” is still there, and some of the basic personality types.

      So if you have a fanfic which is more like “let’s put Characters X and Y into a totally different setting!”, I can totally see it being potentially good on its own. It’s just character archetypes. The details can change.

      And now I must run.

      • I have also read some amazing fanfiction that went beyond canon. One was an Emergency! Fanfic that was fantastic. It was totally beyond the constraints of the show but but still felt like the characters.

        I would love to see a good book with those characters

    • I know of one writer who has been having this problem (Xanthe Walters). She opted to write new fiction which is currently in the mid 2k overall and in top 20 in Gay & Lesbian. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it seems to be doing well.

      Xanthe wrote a series of books in a number of fandoms that started the BDSM Universe trope back in 2006 (which I think was indirectly responsible for 50 shades). Personally I hope she starts a new sub-genre.

      I wonder if Lightning on the Wave or other fanfiction authors who “disappeared” will reemerge and capitalize on the popularity of their fanfiction.

  14. Ewwwwww.

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