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The Literary Cemetery

15 November 2012

From The Literary Cemetery:

If you want to know where your favourite author ended up after their death then The Literary Cemetery should provide you with all the information you need. The writers listed on The Literary Cemetery cover all genres, eras, nationalities and styles – the only thing that they all have in common is that they are no longer with us physically, but they live on through their work.

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Anne Frank (1929-1945)


Death: March 1945.
Location: Mass grave at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Lower Saxony, Germany.
Cause of death: Typhus
Photo Taken by: Arne List

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German born Jewish girl, remembered around the world for her diary which she wrote whilst in hiding in Amsterdam during the German occupation. She was born in Frankfurt, but her family moved to Amsterdam when the Nazis came to power in Germany, but once the occupation extended into the Netherlands the Jewish population was not safe so the family went into hiding with friends in July 1942.

They hid in secret rooms in the office building of Anne’s father, Otto Frank, where they remained for two years. During this time Anne kept a record of her life under Nazi occupation in a diary. In August 1944 they were betrayed by an unknown informant and sent to concentration camps, where Anne and her sister died from typhus in March 1945.

Otto Frank survived and upon returning to Amsterdam he discovered that Anne’s diary had been saved and he had it published. Anne’s diary has become one of the worlds most widely read books and Anne has become one of the most renowned victims of the Holocaust.

Link to the rest at The Literary Cemetery

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  1. Anne Frank
    Death: March 1945.
    Location: Mass grave at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Lower Saxony, Germany.
    Cause of death: Typhus/Anti-Semitism


  2. Good point, Barbara.

    I like this idea. It honors artists.

  3. Interesting tourism concept, visiting graves.

  4. I own a book on New York City where you can take a literary walk around the whole city of where writers lived, ate and hung out. When I travel around NYC, I’ll be using the book to see where they went… some are going to be my favourites while others are going to be infamous! 😀

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