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Wiley and O’Reilly Make DRM-Free E-Book Distribution Deal

16 November 2012

From Publishing Perspectives:

Publishers John Wiley & Sons and O’Reilly Media announced an agreement today that will see O’Reilly become online distributor for Wiley’s technology e-books, effective immediately.

. . . .

Nine Wiley imprints and over three thousand titles are included in this new e-book distribution model. Some of Wiley’s notable brands include Wrox, Sybex and For Dummies.

. . . .

Wiley e-books can now be purchased DRM-free and in a variety of formats from oreilly.com, with free e-book updates and lifetime access to purchased titles guaranteed.

Link to the rest at Publishing Perspectives


6 Comments to “Wiley and O’Reilly Make DRM-Free E-Book Distribution Deal”

  1. “lifetime access to purchased titles guaranteed.”


    After today’s announcement regarding Fictionwise, not feeling to optimistic about that.


  2. The ability to have lifetime updates to the For Dummies books alone might convince me to buy their books in e-format – they are very nice for learning something, but take up a lot of shelf space, and I never want to throw them away (though I wish many of them DID get updated).

    This will be a GOOD THING in my plan to digitize and miniaturize my life – so I can store a backup in the cloud, and take only a hard drive with me if I ever get my dream of living in a Tiny House (google) and traveling around the country. With a very large monitor bolted to the wall.

    • I like the Tiny House concept. But I can’t fit my life in that small of a space.

      Even if I traded my horses for ponies, it still wouldn’t work.


  3. They only made this deal because their names rhyme. Go ahead, say it with me… 😉

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