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A Tolkien Cookbook

13 December 2012

Sam's Pork Pies

From Kickstarter:

Have you ever dreamed of what Bilbo’s pork pies actually taste like?  Does Sam’s coney stew sound wonderful?  Do you share Gollum’s affection for sushi-grade fish?  If Balrogs had wings, what would they taste like?

If you, like me, have ever spent long afternoons wondering about these important questions, this is the project for you.  With the help of my friend, Corey Olsen (also known as the Tolkien Professor, and author of the recently-released book “Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”“), I aim to write a 30-recipe book, which I will release in both print and free online versions, with recipes, pictures, cooking tips and tricks, and witty commentary from both Corey and myself on where these recipes originate from in Tolkien’s works.  The online version will be available for anyone, anywhere – not just my backers but free for anyone to use!

. . . .

These recipes will cover different parts of Tolkien’s world – light and delicate Elvish recipes like lembas bread, stout roasted Dwarven fare, hearty Hobbit pies and stews, as well as a few oddball recipes like Balrog Wings.

Link to the rest at Kickstarter

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11 Comments to “A Tolkien Cookbook”

  1. P.G.

    LOL, amazing. Bit of band-wagon riding here methinks.

    Reminds me of that epic moment in LOTR, “Aiee, Run, it’s a Balrog.” Scared me half to death in the book and was perfectly represented in the movie, (although the rest of the movies were a bit of a bore.)


  2. Is the Tolkien estate good with this?

    Could you write the Elvis Presley Cookbook without Priscilla suing the peanut butter and bananas out of you? If not, take a piece of white bread, slather it with Jif and then…

    • Christopher Tolkien is pretty vigorous about defending his father’s literary estate against commercial exploitation.

      This one may fly beneath the radar if it doesn’t make much money and gets little visibility. Otherwise…

      • If I were the cookbook writer, I wouldn’t worry about Christopher Tolkien so much as Saul Zaentz, who holds the movie rights to The Hobbit and LOTR and has filed trademarks on all the names. He is absolutely ruthless about enforcing those trademarks — which, inter alia, is why D&D has ‘halflings’ instead of Hobbits, and ‘treants’ instead of Ents.

        • You’re right:


          “A popular pub and music venue called The Hobbit has been threatened with legal action by US movie lawyers.

          The Southampton pub has been accused of copyright infringement by lawyers representing the Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) in California. The company owns the worldwide rights to several brands associated with author JRR Tolkien, including The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings.

          The pub in Portswood, which is popular with students, has traded with the name for more than 20 years. It features characters from Tolkien’s stories on its signs, has “Frodo” and “Gandalf” cocktails on the menu, and the face of Lord of the Rings film star Elijah Wood on its loyalty card.

          A letter from SZC asked it to remove all references to the characters.”

  3. I’m interested in menu structure, like breakfast and second breakfast pairings.

  4. Reminds me of my favorite place to dine out in Houston:


  5. Huh. Sometimes I look at something, and think: Why didn’t I think of that?

    On the other hand, I can’t cook.

    On the third hand, I hope when they said “hobbit pies”, they didn’t mean “hobbit pies”.

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