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A Writer’s Five Stages of Rejection

8 December 2012

From screenwriter Bradford Richardson on Save the Cat!:

1. Assume the rejection is a complete mistake. Several quick phone calls/voicemails, texts, and follow-up emails should clear-up the misunderstanding.

2. A sudden rush of rejection-rage: “The audacity, the empty-headed arrogance.” This feeling inspires several clever revenge plot lines, two of which you jot down for that Misfit Detective TV Pilot you’ve been developing.

Link to the rest at Save the Cat!

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4 Comments to “A Writer’s Five Stages of Rejection”

  1. This is cute, and funny. Good for indies dealing with book reviews.

    But it’s also a reflection of a power imbalance. The intense rage the author jokes about is a result of being totally blocked from a goal of publication/production, with no recourse.

    I’m deeply relieved and grateful that authors really don’t have to deal with this kind of rejection anymore in Publishing, if they choose not to.

    • Of course, he’s talking about screenwriter rejection here, which is not only a situation of even more power imbalance, but it also more personal.

      If you read the rest of the stages they involve bribery and being chased off the lot by Studio Security….

  2. Rejection is bad enough, but it’s worse when a screenplay is purchased and the writer sees his work ruined by the studio “committee” — a part of the process that is, of course, followed by money problems and then the film is cancelled. Next, the writer solicits funds from his family, produces his script as an indie flick, only to discover that he cannot get distribution. Yet, with great enthusiasm, he eventually sits down at his keyboard and launches into a new script that he’s certain will make him rich. It won’t.

  3. *snort*

    I must be a p***-poor writer, then. I have only one reaction to rejection: Oh well, on to the next market. Or if there are no other markets: Oh well, guess I’ll publish it myself.

    How anyone could take these things personally, I do not understand.

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