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Amazon Launches Brazil Kindle Store

6 December 2012

From Amazon’s Media Room:

Amazon today launched the Brazil Kindle Store (www.amazon.com.br) with the largest selection of the most popular books, including the most Veja best sellers and lowest prices of any eBookstore in Brazil. The Brazil Kindle Store offers over 1.4 million books, now available to Brazilian customers priced in Brazilian Reais (R$), including more than 13,000 Portuguese-language books, 49 of 60 Veja best sellers—the most of any digital bookstore—and the most free books in Portuguese. In addition, Amazon announced that Kindle—the world’s #1 best-selling e-reader for five years running—will go on sale in Brazil in the coming weeks with a suggested retail price of R$299.

. . . .

“We are excited to launch this new Kindle Store for Brazilian customers, offering the most popular best-selling books from many great Brazilian authors, all priced in Reais,” said Alexandre Szapiro, Vice President of Kindle, Amazon.com.br. “We’re also bringing our latest generation Kindle—the best-selling e-reader in the world—to Brazilian customers at a suggested retail price of R$299 in the coming weeks. With the launch of free Kindle reading apps in Portuguese, anyone who has an Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone or iPad, PC or Mac, can start reading Kindle books today.”

Link to the rest at Media Room

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7 Comments to “Amazon Launches Brazil Kindle Store”

  1. The 2012 population in Brazil likely to be 194,020,298 according to World Population Review. There are 19 million smartphones in use.

    Anyone know a great Portuguese translator?

  2. Amazon is smart.

  3. I’m Brazilian and I can’t believe they didn’t do this five years ago.

  4. I am actually looking forward to read more Brazilian books myself. They have an amazing and super rich culture full of great stories.

    I lived there for 11 years.

  5. I saw a .br show up on my KDP reports the other day. Now this morning I see a .ca (Welcome to Canada too, eh.)

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