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Book Bundling Adds Value to Authors’ Works

18 December 2012

From Good Ereader:

Where some publishers at one time were getting their feet wet in the world of digital publishing by experimenting with marketing their backlist titles as ebooks, the turnaround in digital sales has caused many publishers to now focus on the ebooks of their bestselling titles. But those backlists aren’t forgotten; on the contrary, technologically savvy publishers are now experimenting with using those backlist ebooks to add even more value to digital purchases by bundling several titles.

. . . .

The option to bundle ebooks can be especially helpful for smaller press publishers, digital-first or ebook-only publishers, or indie authors with a number of titles, as it helps with the discoverability while not forcing the rights’ holder to focus their resources on separate marketing strategies for each different book. Where reading consumers might be making the bundle purchase in order to receive one specific title, they are now more likely to read an author’s work that they otherwise would not necessarily have bothered with.

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5 Comments to “Book Bundling Adds Value to Authors’ Works”

  1. Nope. Making bundles is a good idea, but not as a way to avoid spending time digitizing something. This idea, as presented, hurts readers by forcing them to buy something extra, hurts the writer by shrinking their catalog (the opposite of helping discovery), and doesn’t save marketing time. Who’s going to market each and every one of their backlist titles?

  2. I think bundles work if you’re putting related stories together. For example, a series bundle is a great idea, esp. if it’s cheaper to buy the bundle than individual books from the series.

    • Yeah, and bundling short stories is a good idea too. I just don’t like bundling stories together because the publisher is too lazy/inept/inefficient to do them separately.

  3. I spent the last week creating boxed sets/anthologies of my some of my books. The hardest part was creating the digital looks 3-D but isn’t box and now that I found a Photoshop Action to do the heavy lifting, it’s a snap.
    Whatever Tyranosaurus Rex/traditional type publishing can do, the fact is indies are more nimble. Our turnaround time for anything is days. If it seems like a good idea, you just do it. You’ve lost nothing but some hours. You don’t have to go up the food chain asking permission all the way.

  4. I’m planning to bundle my series ebooks as the series gets completed. Leaving the individual books still available doesn’t shrink my catalog, and I don’t anticipate it will take long to pull the bundle together. New ISBN, possibly a new cover, fiddle with with front matter and we’re done.

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