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31 December 2012

BookTrakr is a new service which plans to provide an information dashboard for authors and, maybe, publishers to track

Dear Potentially Interested BookTrakr Wanna-Be User,

Sometime in the last few months, you signed up for the BookTrakr Beta. Well, we’re pleased to announce that we’re almost ready to start it! We’re putting the finishing touches on the Beta right now, and we’ll send the first invitation emails shortly after the New Year.

So far, we’ve been pretty vague about what BookTrakr does for you. We’re not quite ready to spill all the beans yet, but we’ve put up a tour to show you the highlights! You can take the tour at http://beta.booktrakr.com/tour.




Thanks to Joshua for the tip


17 Comments to “BookTrakr”

  1. This looks fantastic, but, I’m wondering how it works. I couldn’t find anything like an FAQ link on their site to get answers, and I’m not signing up until I learn more about it.

  2. It looks great, but I’m confused. How can they track this? How do they get the numbers from Amazon and Nook?

    Also, I agree with Donald. Why would anyone sign up for something if they don’t know what it does?

    • Mira, you likely have to provide them whith your login credentials for the book retailers that you what to track (e.g. KDP, Pubit, Smashwords, etc.). The site them siphons the data and compiles all the numbers for you. At least, this is what I am guessing on how the site operates.

      • Josh – that makes sense…..although I would not give my login creditials to anyone. They could change my books! Or delete them! Or do all kinds of things with royalties.

        Is there any way to know this is reputable?

      • If they want login credentials from me, they can whistle in the wind.

  3. It’s supposed to be a teaser that whets your interest so you sign up for the beta when you receive an invitation.

    I’ve seen tease done better.

    • I’m teased, I just want more info. I think Josh is right though, and that they will probably require your login credentials. Mira is also right, once they have that info and access, they could do anything.

  4. Noveltracker asks for the ASIN number or ISBN, not any login info.

  5. You can find more info about booktrakr in the comments to this post:


    (And you will know why Lauren Royal’s books are featured in the tour).

  6. Never give up your login credentials to a business account. Never. The correct way to implement a service like this is with an authorization protocol like OAuth. Of course, that requires, in this case, the cooperation of the big retail sites. If Booktrakr hasn’t gotten that, using Booktrakr could well be a violation of the TOS agreement you signed.

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