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Checklist for a Good and Helpful Critique

8 December 2012

From The How to Write Shop:

[F]ollowing is a checklist and suggestions for helping you shape your critique to be of maximum benefit for the writer being critiqued. Don’t think you have to comment on everything, but as you read through the pages you are critiquing, if anything jumps out, use these elements as a way to help you formulate your questions. (Remember from “Guidelines” that questions are a terrific way to help the writer to form his or her own ideas.)


Are you drawn right in to the story or scene? Why? Is it the voice, the description, the action?
Or does the story take too much time to take off for you? Why might that be?
Is there a hook right away? Does it grab you?
Are there unanswered questions brought up that makes you want to read more?
Can you tell where you are? Or are you disoriented and disconnected?
Do you connect to the characters? Do you care about them from the start?
Does the story start in the right place?

. . . .


Do you connect with the characters right away?
What about them makes you care?
What do you like about them?
What are you wondering about them?
Do their actions seem motivated (do you believe that they’d do what they are doing?)

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