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Discrepancy between Pubit royalty report and payment issued?

2 December 2012

The PubIt! Help Board is showing numerous PubIt authors saying that PubIt is onlyplanning to pay them approximately 1/3 of their royalties earned for September.

Link to the rest at PubIt! Help Board and thanks to PD for the tip.

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9 Comments to “Discrepancy between Pubit royalty report and payment issued?”

  1. One person on that board reported the problem with their statement but said the correct amount had been deposited into their account. It makes me wonder if the statements actually reflect B&N’s royalty? Maybe the sent a bunch to the opposite places–authors received pubits and pubit received their’s?

  2. I’m waiting until tomorrow to contact someone at B&N – and for my bank to open so I can see if the proper amount was deposited.

    The issue is that the amount showing as ‘paid’ in November (for September sales) is way off for most (all?) of the self-pub authors. My September sales report shows I’m owed 4x the amount that B&N has reported as ‘paid.’

    They recently integrated reporting of UK sales onto the dashboard, and I’d guess that gummed things up a bit all over.

  3. *sigh* It’s not the first time Pubit’s online reporting has been wrong. I’m not panicking until the wrong deposit is made.

  4. Just checked my account and separate records. The payment deposited in my account is the same as indicated by my sales records.

    The error appears to be in what B&N is reporting on the My Sales “Payment Details” report.

  5. I wasn’t even paying attention since I was having computer problems. Yeah, The statement is 1/3 of what the results were.
    I like the readers at BN and they like me. But this doesn’t happen at Amazon.

  6. ” But this doesn’t happen at Amazon.”

    Sure it does. Around this time last year, Amazon accidentally switched hundreds (possibly thousands) of self-publishing accounts from electronic deposit to pay-by-check. Moreover, they DIDN’T TELL ANYONE this had happened.

    I was one of the people this happened to. It screwed up my payments for about a month (and some of the European money took months to get to me for that pay period).

    Moreover, like everyone else affected this Amazon error, I learned about it on the grapevine–Amazon DID NOT NOTIFY ME, nor (as far as I could ascertain from asking around) did they notify anyone else.

    I wrote to Amazon after a few days to say, HEY, this is a pretty big problem, a glitch in your system affecting hundreds or thousands of KDP clients. DON’T YOU THINK YOU SHOULD SEND OUT A NOTIFICATION to KDP clients????

    Amazon never acknowledged my email and, more to the point, NEVER SENT OUT ANY NOTIFICATION or acknowledgement of the problem.

    • Yep, happened to me, too. I do like how indie authors have each other’s backs, for the most part. 🙂

      And my B&N payment is correct (checked with my bank), although the amount showing on my dash isn’t.

  7. B&N made an announcement (about 24 hours after people started freaking out).

    “PubIt! is currently experiencing an issue involving the display of the November payment information. We want to assure you that the amount of the November payment that was sent to your bank account is correct based on your September sales. Please watch for this payment to arrive in your bank account in the next 1 to 5 business days.

    The amount listed in the “Payments Issued” area of the “My Sales” page, however, may be incorrect. We are aware of this display error and appreciate your patience as we address this issue.”

    Most people are reporting correct payments, although there is at least one complaint of payments being incorrect.

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