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First Official Twitter Fiction Festival Begins

3 December 2012

From the New York Times Arts Beat blog:

Twitter has already made a mark in the literary world, through experiments like Jennifer Egan’s tweet-by-tweet New Yorker story, “Black Box,” and Ben Okri’s line-a-day poem — not to mention the continuing debate over whether that microblogging service has turned the once-contentious literary world into a boring mutual appreciation society.

But now partisans of twitterature have their own official international powwow, thanks to the five-day Twitter Fiction Festival, which began Wednesday under the hashtag #twitterfiction.

The participants, some two dozen published and neophyte authors from five continents chosen by a panel of American publishing insiders, are posting in five different languages, often with input solicited from readers.

Link to the rest at Arts Beat

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5 Comments to “First Official Twitter Fiction Festival Begins”

  1. P.G.

    I guess this question is a little OT.

    I wonder if writers here consider Twitter’s 140 character limit is encouraging sharper expression. I rather think it is assisting brevity.


    • Brevity at the expense of nuance. There’s a difference between lightning & lightning bug, & the 2nd is 4 extra characters, too.

  2. Ahhh, but brevity is the soul of wit — or maybe snark; sometimes people confuse the two… 😀

    But not me, of course 😉

  3. Cool. A new Art form. 🙂

  4. I think it’s like most art. Some of it’s great, some stinks, and nobody can agree which is which. 😀

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