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On Idiot Reviews

31 December 2012

From Publetariat:

I’ve said many, many times here that reviews are the lifeblood of an author’s career. And reviews can mean literal reviews, posted at places like Amazon, Goodreads and so on, as well as reviews in newspapers and on dedicated reader blogs. But reviews can also refer to readers simply talking about a book they enjoyed with friends, family and colleagues. That may lead to those people buying the book, so it works just like reviews are supposed to. But not all reviews are created equal.

In essence, any review is valuable. Even if you didn’t like a book and you give it a bad review and a low star rating, it’s still useful to potential readers and it may lead a different reader to think, “Well, the problems that person had with the book don’t sound like problems to me, so I’ll give it a go.” And besides, you can’t please all the people all the time, so a good spread of reviews and ratings shows honesty and means we don’t start to suspect that Auntie Mabel and the Sockpuppets are the only people reviewing the book.

. . . .

The “reviewer” even says they thought the book was good, but they’re giving it a one star review because the Whispernet service was slow delivering a completely different novel by the same author. The degree of stupid here is staggering. What the fuck did the author do to deserve this one star review, exactly?

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6 Comments to “On Idiot Reviews”

  1. Brilliant review by a brilliant mind. *face-palm*

    I’ve actually started to enjoy the stupidity in some reviews pointed out online. My favorite one is this review of Lord Of The Rings — totally blew me away.

  2. That LOTR thing is pretty stupid, although it kind of reads like it might be satire.

    The following remains the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on the web. It’s from a Twilight fan in response to Stephen King saying that Meyer’s a sucky writer:

    “If Stephenie Meyer weren’t a good write would so many people buy her books? Would they have made a movie about it? Have they made a movie about this dude’s books?”

  3. You can’t stop teh stoopid. You can only hope that it doesn’t derail your book sales.

    I’m avoiding bad reviews like the plague that they are.

  4. Do not get me started on stupid and/or meaningless reviews. I’m doing my best to stay disconnected from the random crap of the Universe so I can better focus on important things like writing and talking to intelligent people with insightful opinions.


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