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She’s a poem in motion.

22 January 2013

This is not what you think. Beauty, grace, artistic expression, athleticism. You have to watch the video in its entirety. Anything we, as authors, can learn? Work that core? Never say never? Nothing is impossible?

(Oh, if the video doesn’t load I’ll reload it.)

Julia Barrett

Beautiful Writing, Writing Advice

16 Comments to “She’s a poem in motion.”

  1. Sorry about the video link. Think it’s working now.

  2. Wow. She’s really strong.

  3. Julia,

    I was sent this by many fiends on Twitter.

    While I’m knocked out by the sheer athleticism of this woman’s fantastic ability, and she looks a wonderful athlete.

    The racket in the background made my ears bleed:)


    • Brendan – I assume they were blown away too. Yes, amazing athlete. I would never have seen it but for hubby.

    • Yeah… I could like the music, but I think it was a bad choice, especially with the speed of most of the moves.

      Glad one of the first posts said the same thing I was thinking.

  4. Having just bent over to tie a shoelace, I’ve come from a place that makes me truly appreciate what this woman can do with her body. 🙂 Absolutely amazing…

  5. I think I dislocated my shoulder just watching.

  6. O.O

    Wow. That was amazing.

    Thank you for sharing. I suspect I never would’ve seen that, otherwise.

  7. That was amazing! I think my back hurts now… 😛

  8. What I learned from that: the lady never once stopped smiling. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you sincerely enjoy the thing that you’re doing.

    Well, that and I gotta get back in the gym.

  9. My thoughts: (1) She must be tiny, not more than 5 feet tall because it’s easier to do that sort of thing when the person is smaller; (2) she must be solid muscle — just because someone is tiny, doesn’t mean she could do that; (3) I cringed at the countless friction burns she must have experienced at different points; (4) After watching that clip, I have to wonder why pole-dancing isn’t an Olympic sport — you gonna tell me the Olympics are too classy for that after admitting beach volley ball as a sport?

  10. That was completely awesome. The strength and flexibility she displayed were amazing, and the “walking down the circle” moves were just…. O_O Great stuff — thanks for the post.


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