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Back in the Saddle

31 January 2013

PG has returned from vacation. Well, almost. Despite the mounds of snow surrounding Casa PG, he’s still surprised at his inability to locate any nearby beaches with unfrozen water.

Despite the fact that PG’s mind has turned to mush during the past couple of weeks, The Passive Voice has continued to provide useful information for authors due to the excellent efforts of:

  • Julia Rachel Barrett
  • Bridget McKenna
  • Barb Morganroth
  • William Ockham
  • Kat Sheridan
  • Brendan Stallard

PG expresses great thanks to Julia, Bridget, Barb, William, Kat and Brendan for their help.


PG's Thoughts (such as they are), Video

20 Comments to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Welcome back PG. There is no snow in So Cal

  2. Glad to see you back, PG. More pictures, please.

  3. Welcome back, PG. Two days ago when it was eighty degrees, I would’ve said come down to the Gulf Coast. We dipped back into the thirties last night. Not even the dog wants to go out.

  4. You are welcome and I’m expecting more photos!

  5. Welcome back. Your guest posters were wonderful but it’s good to have you back. Spring is on the way (I say that as I look out at the mounds of snow).

  6. Thank you, guest posters – and welcome back, PG! 🙂

  7. Welcome back, and thank you to the guest posters for taking such good care of us readers!

  8. P.G.

    Welcome back.

    I note you’ve killed Amazon’s website on your return.


    • I just tested the Amazon link and it worked for me, Brendan. (Thanks for clicking there.)

      Does anyone else have a problem with the link?

      • P.G.

        It was down for about an hour between 1400 and 1500 EST.

        It’s back now, clearly your conversation with Bezos is finished and everyone else can use AWS….:)


  9. Welcome back, PG. Your guest hosts did a great job, but I think they should each have their own special font color next time. 🙂

  10. The guest hosts were fabulous, discovering many fascinating articles for my reading pleasure.

    But, wow! It’s great to have you back, PG! Missed your calm gravitas with its leavening snippet of snark!

  11. Welcome back, PG! I hope you had a wonderful time. I second the request, pictures please!

    The guest poster were terrific! They kept this place running with some really interesting posts. Kudos to the guest posters! 😀

    But it is so wonderful to have you back, PG! You were definitely missed. And J.M. has the perfect phrase: “calm gravitas with its leavening snippet of snark!”, that is the perfect description of your presence here, PG! 😀

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