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In The Capacity of *Writer*

31 January 2013

Lindsay Doran (producer), James Schamus (co-producer), Ang Lee (director) and I had met previously this month to discuss the latest draft of the script, which is what we’re all here to work through… Lindsay goes round the table and introduces everyone — making it clear that I am present in the capacity of *writer* rather than actress, therefore no one has to be nice to me.

Emma Thompson, from “The Sense & Sensibility Screenplay & Diaries”


2 Comments to “In The Capacity of *Writer*”

  1. Wuhoo, yeah! Says it all, don’t it? Be nice to a writer? Heck, no!

  2. I’ve heard screenwriters are treated terribly.

    Writers need to stop allowing this. I’m glad Emma Thompson is speaking out about it! You go, Emma!

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