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Interview With Mickey Spillane

21 January 2013

A bet with an editor.  Guess who loses?

guest  posted by Barbara Morgenroth


7 Comments to “Interview With Mickey Spillane”

  1. This was delightful. I love the story where he left off the LAST WORD until he got paid! Too funny.

    Thanks for sharing this, Barbara. 😀

  2. The other guests were also mystery writers. That’s Sister Carol Anne O’Marie, the mystery writing nun. Evan Hunter (Ed McBain, who wrote the excellent 87th Precinct novels). And the guy in the pink shirt is Spenser creator Robert Parker.

  3. I looked for the interview with Evan Hunter where he said “My real name is Salvatore Albert Lombino. Is anyone going to buy a book from him?”

    He wrote one of my favorite comedy movies–The Birds. I never fail to laugh my way through it. I especially love the scene with the kids running down the hill with the boids after them. That Rod Taylor is in it is a real bonus.

  4. Mickey Spillane was a hoot. Back in the early ’90’s I was a District Manager for a bookstore chain that had a store in Myrtle Beach. Mickey lived in Murrell’s Inlet at the time and he used to come in the bookstore fairly regularly. I got to know him and if I was there when he came in we’d always go for a cup of coffee and a chat about books and writing and whatnot. He was always very entertaining.

  5. Ah, I enjoyed watching this, thank you. Even cool to see a much younger Robert B. Parker. I grew up reading their stories.

  6. Did you all ever hear the story about Mickey Spillane receiving a box of books from a fan who wanted him to sign them all? Spillane took the box out in the back yard and shot a hole through each book, then sent them back. Is that so old that everyone is rolling their eyes??!!

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