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Marketing Past Gatekeepers

24 January 2013

If you think about it, there is only one thing stopping you from selling to readers…GATEKEEPERS! They are everywhere.

Want to market/sell books in schools? You need to get by the gatekeepers made up of the school board, principals, and teachers.

Want to market/sell your books in stores? You need to get by the product purchasing gatekeepers.

Want to market/sell your books in libraries? You need to get by the gatekeeper manager.

Want to market/sell your books to Fortune 500 companies? You need to get by the gatekeeper receptionist.

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Guest posted by Kat Sheridan

Advertising-Promotion-Marketing, Self-Publishing

7 Comments to “Marketing Past Gatekeepers”

  1. Want to market/sell your books directly to readers? You need to….write books readers will want to read.

    • But, James, that might mean work. Finding out what readers want. Reading books that do sell to see what you can learn. Learning correct spelling and grammar. And learning to write, revise and edit.

      It’s so much easier to blame a lack of success on the fact that you can’t get past the gatekeepers.

  2. If you want to sell to libraries, get readers to contact their local library and request the book be stocked. It’s how I got Wil Wheaton’s books in my local library.

  3. “… I used my four children to help sell books in the schools…”

    I have mixed feelings about that idea… and look how the ‘idea’ is worded!

  4. Become a freelance content writer for companies. Send out your bio to a hundred companies and you should get at least twenty to respond. Write content for their blogs, website, newsletters, brochures, etc… Once you are in the door, the opportunities are endless. (Plus, you are being paid by them!)

    Um. This is my Day Job. A twenty percent response rate sending your unsolicited BIO to… someone at A RANDOM COMPANY… who will then give you endless opportunities. Um. No.

    • Oh, I don’t know. Out of a hundred random companies, I should think twenty would probably have autoresponder bots.

      Of course, I would expect the twenty responses all to run along the lines of: ‘We have received your C.V. and will keep it on file. Now kindly — off.’

  5. Right. Sometimes career advice reminds me of that old Steve Martin line: I’m going to show you how to become a millionaire and not pay any taxes. First… find a million dollars… Then, when the IRS calls you for not paying, say, “I forgot.”

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