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Pictures: Your Extra 1,000 words

22 January 2013

Blogging more effectively to market yourself and your work.

Not only that but a well-chosen image can intrigue your readers, and give them a clue as to tone and content. And words look better with pictures: they give life to your blog. Imagine a film without a soundtrack or your favourite film with inappropriate musical choices.

Of course some people say the exact opposite.

Read it all here to see Steven Lewis’s argument for– Taleist

Hat Tip: Kip Chanin

Advertising-Promotion-Marketing, Social Media

3 Comments to “Pictures: Your Extra 1,000 words”

  1. Oh goodness, yes, use pictures! People like pictures, they keep them engaged, they form connections with them. That’s partly why covers are so important.

    I use TONS of pictures on my blog. For one thing, it’s fun for me. And I think it’s more fun for the reader.

    In addition, pictures will increase your traffic. A post I wrote on snails has 3,000 views and growing.

    Why does my post on snails have 3,000 views? Because if you google “snail” images, the picture I used is in the second row. People click on the picture and it takes them to my blog.

    I have no idea if they read any of the posts, but they do look around abit. Of couse, they are probably just looking at my pictures, but still.

    So, I guess when I really sum up my words of wisdom, you should write a post about snails and use a picture.

  2. I do find blogs with pictures are more attractive and I’m more likely to read them. However, I can’t stand taking the time to find good pictures. Therefore, I write my blogs and then my wife decides on what pictures to add and then she takes care of the publishing. This frees me up for more writing time. Words are my thing. Art is her thing.

  3. Eh. A picture might catch my eye, but usually what I see first is the title of the post; if that interests me, then most of the time, I’m just going to be slightly annoyed at having to scroll past the picture.

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