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Skinny Fiction! This is so cool!

21 January 2013

Found this here – from Gary Taaffe:

“Welcome to Skinny Fiction where you can read, write and host Skinny Fiction stories. I’m talking really skinny like 10, 25, 50 and 100 words or less. The less the better. Here’s a great example:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
by Ernest Hemingway”

Read more here:  Skinny Fiction

Looks totally fun!  Julia

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7 Comments to “Skinny Fiction! This is so cool!”

  1. This is already called “microfiction”, but if they want to call it something else… *shrug*

    It’s a good exercise to write, though—and well-written microfiction can be quite poignant.

  2. There’s also a thing called Hint Fiction. That’s 25 words or less. W. W. Norton put out an anthology of those stories a few years ago. I remember hearing the editor talk about it on NPR.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of it in the freebie story posting sites in the last 10+ years, and there it’s been called “flash” stories. Usually there’s a limit set. 100 words, or 250 words or maybe 500 words or so. I don’t read much of it, prefer 100,000 words or more myself.


  4. On top of what the other commenters have already named, if 100 words exactly, then it’s called a “drabble”. Now someone wants to put a new name on this size of fiction? I can’t keep up with all the terms already out there!

    In any case, done well, they can be fun.

  5. Writing to limits can be very fun.

    I like flash fiction, but I’ve never tried this. So pithy. Could be very fun to give it a whirl. 😀

  6. Skinny Fiction is far more than a fun opportunity to write really short stories. It’s a way to market yourself as an author and a way to get lots of web traffic to your author site by becoming a Skinny Fiction host. Everyone benefits. It’s entertaining, educational and the marketing potential is huge. Authors being seen through the crowd is really hard, this will help, and it’s free. Thanks to the PG and Julia for spreading the word.

    • You’re welcome, Gary. I honestly didn’t know this existed and I’m super excited. Now I have to go see how my work would fit in! Thanks.

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