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Sure, it’s simple, writing for kids

21 January 2013

Sure, it’s simple, writing for kids… Just as simple as bringing them up.

Ursula K. LeGuin


4 Comments to “Sure, it’s simple, writing for kids”

  1. As a mother of 4 (going on 5)… HaHa!

  2. It’s so strange, every time I tell someone that I write books, they say, “Oh really? Children’s books?”

    I don’t know why they assume that. I guess I don’t look like a thriller author. lol. As if I could write something kids would find interesting. Ha! I don’t know how people write for kids. I haven’t a clue and just because I’m a mom of three, doesn’t mean I can write for kids.

  3. Being a dad, teacher and writer of children’s books, all I can say is: spot-on.

    How I can write for kids? Because inside, I’m nine. And I’ve always dreamed of being James Bond. What boy wouldn’t? So I write about a boy who dreams of being James Bond.

  4. Lol. Brava, Ursula, Brava! You tell it. 😀

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