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The Apple Dilemma~ from The Launch Blog

20 January 2013

The Apple Dilemma:  Marketshare or Margins

“Steve Jobs famously got Apple back on track by reducing the number of products Apple had down to a reasonable number in order to create product excellence.

“Focus, focus, focus.

“Excellence, excellence, excellence.

“That’s why it’s was a huge, huge deal when Apple finally — after Steve Jobs fought against it — launched the iPad Mini. The press and consumers went crazy for this product when Amazon had had the Kindle Fire out for 13 months and Google had had the Nexus 7 out for five. It was a big deal not because of the product itself, but because the app ecosystem was finally freed to embrace a new footprint.

“Steve was right about focus while simultaneously wrong about the smaller tablet footprint — long live cognitive dissonance and a tolerance for ambiguity!”


“This week someone handed me a BlackBerry 10. It’s basically as good as the iPhone 5, in fact some would argue the finish feels better in your hand.

“Anyone who has used the Microsoft Surface will tell you that while the Microsoft app store is far behind Apple’s, the interface and the hardware are as good or better.

“Finally, a bunch of dorky friends of mine have been praising the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, an absurdly large smartphone (or tiny version of the iPad mini). After lunch with David Eun of Samsung at CES I said screw it, I’ll buy that really dorky looking phone.

“Now I love it.

“When reaching for my iPad Mini, iPhone or Note, I most frequently reach for the Note.”

Read the rest here at:  Launch

I actually love my Android.  Julia

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5 Comments to “The Apple Dilemma~ from The Launch Blog”

  1. The real question here is what you intend to primarily do with your mobile device. If that is to simply make phone calls the slim portability and audio quality of an iPhone is appealing (and, arguably, you might consider a dumbphone). But for those who primarily use their mobile as a portable computer, the larger screen of most Android devices (few have a screen smaller than 4 inches) becomes a clear winner and the driver of devices like the Galaxy Note 2.

    • I’m very pleased with my Android device. No complaints.

    • There’s no shortage of under-4 inch Android devices.
      Samsung has the Galaxy Ace at 3.5 inches, Fit at 3.3, Gio at 3.2 and the Mini at 3.14.
      Huawei do smaller phones too. They tend to be cheaper so they don’t get talked up as much as the premium products.

  2. Part of my job involves people asking me for advice about cell phones, so I tend to have a very balanced set of opinions about the virtues of various devices. I tend to even second guess my own selections to a great degree.

    One thing that I keep in mind is that when you make a selection among polarizing choices like your cell OS, is that there is a strong tendency to justify our choice as the best one even though the underlying difference was trivial. This is called ‘commitment bias’ and can make it difficult to accurately assess the actual merits of choices that we’ve made.

    That being said, if you have no complaints, it’s working for you.

  3. Well said JR,

    My 13 year old came home one day and announced that he wanted an iphone. I asked him why he wanted that phone over the others available and he couldnt say. I suspected it was simply because his friends have them. But he’s a smart kid who earns his own money. I didnt help him,I just sat back and watched. He knows I have a diffirent phone, so he did the research, read the reviews and ended up not buying an iphone.

    His reason? Price and he didnt wish to be locked into the Apple world. I ended up paying half the cost as a reward for his being practical and not jumping on the bandwagon with his friends. He’s now very happy with his android phone, one that does everything an iphone does for half the price.

    Not to brag, but if my 13yr old can figure it out…

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