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The Science of Productivity

14 January 2013

Studies have found that the most elite violinists in the world generally follow a 90-minute work regime, with a 15- to 20-minute break afterwards.

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3 Comments to “The Science of Productivity”

  1. I have this habit of procrastinating… I think I might try the ninety minutes, and the smaller task portions. If I think of it as less of a mountain, and more of a series of hills, it might be easier to sit my behind down and write. Thanks!

  2. Interesting. So that’s why starting a new story feels daunting, but it’s also why – once I’ve started – carrying on to the finish feels natural and more comfortable than delaying. Like it!

    (And I need to work on that breaking things down method. Still my weak point – for everything, not just writing! :D)

  3. This was cool – and helpful! Thanks! 😀

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