Vacay 2

22 January 2013

It’s serious winter at Casa PG, which is fine, but Mrs. PG wanted to avoid part of January with a cruise. Our departure was delayed when one of the crew members jumped overboard while the ship was still at the dock. The crew member wasn’t found. Mrs. PG has already worked that into an upcoming mystery.

When PG thinks of botanical gardens in the winter, he imagines urban hothouses with walkways and little signs in front of each flower.

These photos were taken at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden near Hilo. It’s a tropical rain forest/jungle built in a valley that falls steeply away from a little road until it reaches a small rock beach.

The garden has a few signs, but mostly it’s thick and primeval with a profusion of leaves and vines fighting for access to light and soil.







PG had no difficulty imagining a pack of raptors quietly creeping through the huge ferns looking for a slow lawyer as the main contributor to lunch.

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22 Comments to “Vacay 2”

  1. Oh wow. ‘Green’ with envy. Perfection!

  2. Colors never seem so vibrant as in a tropical rainforest like this. Such gorgeous photos! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. I wouldn’t worry about the raptors. Everyone knows that lawyers are reserved as T-Rex snacks.

    Envoy your vacation!

  4. That’s some fancy shooting.

  5. PG, it’s 34F in Seattle–that’s just cruel!

    Have lots of tropical fun anyway.

  6. That’s almost pretty enough to tempt me to going to visit. Except for the heat and sunshine problem. And I thought ‘raptors only ate members of the plaintiff’s bar, like the *ahem* gentleman who advertises late at night on one of our regional TV stations.

  7. Ahh. Enjoy the holiday! (My daughter recommends ziplining on the Big Island, but that might not be high on your list…)

  8. Those photos are so wonderful I can almost smell the forest.

  9. I’m so jealous! Haven’t been to the islands since ’99, and I miss them terribly!

    Have a great visit! And avoid the T-rex.

  10. For real? A crew member jumped and hasn’t been found?

  11. These are stunning! I’d wish you a great vacation, but how can you help it, out in the gorgeous tropics during January??

    And a crew member jumping while you were docked?? Nowadays? Wow, makes you wonder….

  12. The pictures are stunning. My wife has been there (before we met) and keeps telling me how beautiful the gardens, and all of Hawaii, are. Living near Seattle makes me want the sunshine even more. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I was there! While visiting my brother, who was managing one of the island’s observatories at the time. Your post brought back great memories of wall-to-wall draperies of green. And green, and green. And wild orchids blooming on the roadside …

    Hopefully you drove up to the volcano as well, because the lava fields (the cooled lava, not the active part, I mean) are equally amazing.

  14. Nicely done. Very colorful. And a touch of HDR?

  15. Beautiful photos. Can I use them for book covers? 😀

  16. Jumped overboard? Or pushed? Or went over willingly, but not suicide? Oh dear, I think I see the plot bunnies gathering together, preparing to attack. ACK!

  17. Lovely! That one with the red vine-thing is so vivid, it looks photoshopped! Wow.

  18. Thanks for the kind words, all.

  19. I live in Hawaii and took that Cruise – I take it you’re talking about the Pride of America – just before Christmas. My favorite was Kauai at Waiemea Canyon.

    Hope you made it to the volcano on the Big Island – it’s incredible. The only bad part was that you don’t overnight in either Hilo or Kona because you miss out on going up Mauna Kea to the Observatory at night. Wow what a spectacular sight!

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