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9 sources of free Kobo books

2 February 2013

From Ebook Friendly:

Free ebooks are not very well highlighted on Kobo (it’s actually the problem with most ebookstores). There are over 1 million free ebooks here, most of them are classic literature from public domain. To browse for free ebooks, simply perform any search and then from a drop down list select Free Only. You can further sort titles by ratings, title, or publication date.

Filter free ebooks on Kobo

Alternatively, you can use a landing page for free Kobo ebooks. The link is kobobooks.com/free_ebooks. From here you will be able to check top free books in six categories, including romance, mysteries, and classics.

Link to the rest at Ebook Friendly


7 Comments to “9 sources of free Kobo books”

  1. And if you’re an author and put your book on Kobo for free they have no stats available to hint at how many have been downloaded.

    • Hmm. I just recently started to go direct to Kobo. I had been going through Smashwords. I plan to transfer the Smashwords titles to my Kobo account in time, but thought I would need to leave my one free title going through Smashwords in order to keep it free. Does Kobo have a free option when the author goes direct?

    • Yeah, I don’t like that either. Other retailers do the same thing. How can you tell just how well you are doing? Comparing downloads across platforms, or just seeing how numbers relate to rankings? Or simply for the internal use of knowing how many are flowing out.

      I really wish Kobo would fix this, along with their issue of creating a new link anytime changes are made to the ebook.

      J.M., yes, you can put a book up for free when going direct with Kobo. Just set your price as “0”.

  2. Ugh–I don’t think it’s a good sign when people are writing articles to help others navigate a STORE. A store should be set up so that it’s easy to find what you want. Honestly!

    • Only the first one is Kobo specific, but yes, their site search is really horrible, and the preview is a joke.

      • Try their app. It takes suckiness to a new level.

        You can’t search for books- you are given a list of books and have to choose from them. And to make it worse the books are never updated. I’ve been seeing the same list for 7 months now.
        The only way to add books is to go the website, login, add books, choose sync, and then download to your phone.

        • Well, all non-iBooks apps have to do that, for the iPhone, if they don’t want to tithe a chunk to Apple for In App Purchases. (I don’t think that was the best thing to do for bookstores, but I’m not sure how they could hit magazine apps at the same time, curse it. And, interestingly, they ignored Stanza’s stuff, though the Stanza server for different stores, pre-loaded, doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I could program in my own, still, though…)

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