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Amazon Mobile For Tablets Breaks Into Europe

28 February 2013

From Android Police:

Amazon Mobile for Tablets is now available in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain. This change follows closely behind a pair of updates from Amazon, the first adding support for additional tablets while the second added Canadian availability to the phone version.

Link to the rest at Android Police

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4 Comments to “Amazon Mobile For Tablets Breaks Into Europe”

  1. Maybe that’s why my freebie last weekend had so many downloads in Europe when I never did before. (Yes, I understand this book is particularly great and everyone should want it but…)

    • This app is different from the Kindle app. I assume it allows you to buy ebooks if you want to, but it’s mainly an app for shopping the entire Amazon store. Because, ya know, Amazon sells stuff besides our ebooks (I forget this pretty often, sadly).

  2. Wait, what? It took Amazon this long to get an app out to those countries? This has to be because of some legal conflict, like tax gathering or some such.

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