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Apple’s iPad dropped to 43.6% tablet share in Q4, Samsung took second with 15.1%, Amazon third with 11.5%

1 February 2013

From The Next Web:

When it comes to the tablet market, it’s no surprise to learn the last quarter of 2012 was another record one, with a total of 52.5 million units shipped worldwide. Apple’s iPad once again took first place, although it slipped slightly to 43.6 percent market share. Samsung and Amazon grabbed second and third, respectively, but even their combined market share is below that of Apple.

. . . .

IDC . . . says the tablet market grew 75.3 percent year-on-year (up from 29.9 million units in 2011′s fourth quarter) and increased 74.3 percent from the previous quarter’s total of 30.1 million units. You can thank holiday sales for such huge growth.

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Samsung swooped in to take advantage. The South Korean company experienced 263 percent year-on-year growth, shipping nearly 8 million combined Android and Windows 8 tablets during the quarter.

Amazon shipped more than 6 million tablets during Q4, increasing its share to 11.5 percent, up from 8.3 percent the previous quarter, with year-over year growth of 26.8 percent.

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In fifth place, Barnes & Noble shipped close to 1 million units, increasing its share to 1.9 percent, up from 0.7 percent. The company may not be an Amazon, but it clearly knows what its customers want.

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7 Comments to “Apple’s iPad dropped to 43.6% tablet share in Q4, Samsung took second with 15.1%, Amazon third with 11.5%”

  1. “Samsung swooped in to take advantage. The South Korean company experienced 263 percent year-on-year growth, shipping nearly 8 million combined Android and Windows 8 tablets during the quarter.”


    When I first started building computers, dead pixels in monitors was a curse. At that time, while I never had cause to use the guarantee: Samsung stated that their kit was 100% warrantied. Dead pixels included.

    Try that with cupertino products, Hah!

    When most HD outfits were cutting their warranty to 1 year, Samsung kept theirs to 3 years. Never yet had a Samsung HD go south on me.

    I found, that while their Optical drives were cheap as chips, and stone reliable, they were every bit as good as the wildly expensive Plextors that everyone said were ambrosia. Plextors tended to die after a year or so, and the Samsungs went on till you got fed up with ’em.

    Not really shilling Samsung, but that kind of experience, when you have the opposite on almost every other piece of computer equipment strongly affected every purchase decision I make.

    If there’s a Samsung on the plot, I’ll take that if it’s within a gnats crochet of the competition:)


    • Brendan –

      Agree. I had the Samsung 348B and 352B CD-burners many years ago – which were a couple of the top ones made (as well as having bigger cache than any others). I agree on the panels as well. I’ve owned several although my main ones are currently Dell U2412M’s (I like the 16:10 aspect ratio).

      • “Dell U2412M’s (I like the 16:10 aspect ratio).”


        Yeah, text is extraordinarily readable on them, dunno why.

        Bit expensive for a puir ole pensioner like me:)


    • There is a very good business reason that Apple is filing so many patent infringement suits against Samsung, Brendan. Apple is rightly worried about its sales and margins disappearing if Samsung keeps on producing high-quality, lower-priced smart phones and tablets.

      • I think there’s another reason, and that’s that Samsung has been making a goodly chunk of the hardware of the iPhingies, and their production line may well have been leaking information over to their development line, giving them a head-start in copying the niftykeen features.

        Apple has never gotten over a badly-worded contract with Microsoft that allowed MS to use Apple-developed UI. I don’t think they’re any more worried about their margins vanishing than BMW or Mercedes are worried about Subaru, Toyota, or Nissan making their margins vanish. It’s about the IP, and old scars, and pride.

        (And price? iPhone 5, 64GB, no contract, is $849 from the Apple Store. http://smartphones.techcrunch.com/l/14/Samsung-Epic-4G says that the price for the Samsung Epic 4G, apparently a ~32GB phone, without contract, is $900. Techcrunch.com also has a page with 3 other brands…
        • Fujitsu Loox F-07c, ~32GB: $860
        • Huawei Honor, ~32GB: $879
        • HTC Butterfly, ~48GB: $899. )

        De gustibus non est disputandum, sure, but Apple doesn’t compete in the race to the bottom to try to capture market share. http://www.asymco.com/2012/01/26/price-competition/ is a year old, but still valid.

        But anyway. What does that mean for self-publishers?

        • There’s a BMW of tablets out there, which will probably remain there for some time. As one of the comments to that Asymco post said, riffing off the “no one gets fired for buying [IBM/Microsoft]” line, “No one gets mocked for buying an iPhone.” This probably means that discounting the Apple iBookstore entirely, rather than keeping a weather-eye on it, could be profits left on the table if someone in Apple actually manages to make the store part into a happy experience for the customer. ((Right now, it works fine if you know what you want and drill right to it, but is lousy for browsing.) As I said t’other day, figuring out how to leverage the “you don’t need a credit card to buy ebooks; you just need a gift card” aspects to promote one’s high-school/middle-grade works… Well, it could be an interesting path.)

        • As a BMW of tablets (and phones), it’s going to be owned by at least two kinds of people, in an overlapping Venn diagram:
        •• Apple fanbois
        •• People with the resources to not think twice about what the margins are or aren’t.

        It’s that last category that should capture the attention of authors, because one of the implications is that Quality Products Can Command Quality Prices. Got a good cover? A good blurb? A clean story? Your sweet spot for pricing may not be .99 or even 2.99… And not just on the iBookstore.

        And, as I have had less than 5 hours of sleep in the last… 24… (lessee, got to bed around 1, to 1:30, woke up around 5:45, and now it’s 1:15… Someone check my math, eh?), I’m going to go to bed because I kant fink no moar.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, and I’ve been extremely happy with it. I especially like the front-facing speakers next to the display, which means you can use it as a little portable music system without too much effort. I am also a fan of the microSDHC slot, which lets me carry around a lot of media on the device. (Samsung has this nice addition to Android that scans for media every time you reboot the device – other Android devices sometimes have this bad habit of freaking out when you change SD cards, and all your songs show up as question marks.)

    In all candor, it’s the first tablet I’ve had that I don’t actively dislike, and I recommend it to people over other models of tablets.

  3. “the first tablet I’ve had that I don’t actively dislike”



    Had to be a reason the white devil sued the bejasus outta ’em:)

    Thanks for that.


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