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Groundhog Day

2 February 2013

PG almost missed the celebration.



7 Comments to “Groundhog Day”

  1. Whatever the groundhog says, in Ontario, six more weeks of winter IS an early spring. In St John’s, Newfoundland it would be three more months – May or sometimes June.

  2. LOVE that movie. 🙂

    Here in the Pacific NW, though the sky is dingy winter white or full of rain most days, the birds are starting to sing mercilessly early in the mornings.

  3. _Groundhog Day_ is my favorite movie.

  4. Love that movie! I always thought is was not only fun and enjoyable, but very wise.

    So, evidently, spring is coming soon! The sun is up, and the birds are chirping, and I believe in the Groundhog! 😀

  5. <3 Groundhog Day. In those days I got free admission to my local cinema, so saw it about 6 times on its first run. Yeah, that's a lot, but hey, free admission….

  6. I forgot how funny that movie was. Thanks,PG.

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