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If Kids Are Our Future, Our Future Is Ebooks

1 February 2013

From Forbes Blogs:

If you told a publishing company CEO a decade ago that ten years later a quarter of their revenue would be coming from digital content, they would have probably snorted up some San Pellegrino with lemon, laughing. If they took you seriously, they would have then commenced panicking (or, in the case of those with vision, planning).

Now that the ebook revolution is here and the initial shock has subsided, I have a piece of news that I’d like to deliver (publishing CEOs, put down your sparkling water):

The next wave of the ebook revolution is coming and it’s going to be led by kids. While just under a quarter of U.S. adults are reading ebooks, some 54% of kids are reading them — that’s more than double. This number comes from a brand new study Digital Book World conducted with PlayScience, a children’s digital research firm.

. . . .

– Kids e-read a lot: Of the 54% of kids who read ebooks, 85% of them read at least once a week
– Tablets rule: 22% of kids who read ebooks read most often on an iPad; 20% on a Kindle Fire; 14% on a Kindle e-reader
– Kids make the decisions: No. 1 way a parent chooses a new ebook for their child is that their child asks for it

Link to the rest at Forbes and thanks to Abel for the tip.

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3 Comments to “If Kids Are Our Future, Our Future Is Ebooks”

  1. eBooks and apps makes children more interesting reading books. They can enjoy while reading with interactivity.

  2. Mary Sisson did a post over at her blog about the new Amazon numbers, and I crunched a little math in the comments. Basically, if ebooks make up 25% of the market right now and Amazon’s ebook growth stays at 70%, it will make up most of Amazon’s book sales in less than three years. If that 25% market number is not current, meaning it was true six months ago or more, it would happen in even less time. No, I don’t think the growth of ebooks will stay that high, but it will be high for a few more years.

    We’re still in the middle of adopting devices that serve as ereaders, too. Over the next three years, there will be fewer and fewer phones that aren’t smartphones, and more people will have phones. Tablets are just now getting to where they are easily affordable by anyone. Soon we will see Crayola or Play-Skool come out with a kids’ tablet especially for taking pictures and reading books.

    Ebooks will grow beyond the supposed 30% plateau just as a natural result of the birth of new ereading generations.

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