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‘Twilight’ author Meyer plots another trilogy

22 February 2013

From Dawn.com:

Meyer is working on a sequel to the 2008 novel she began writing as an escape from the editing of “Eclipse,” the third book in the Twilight vampire saga. And now that it too has reached the big screen, she’s got more books in mind.

“Once you’ve created characters that have life to them, unless you kill them all, you know where their stories go. You’re always aware of what happens next,” Meyer told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday. “I’ve got outlines for the next books. I would hope that this would be a three-book arc, but we’ll see.”

Link to the rest at Dawn.com

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6 Comments to “‘Twilight’ author Meyer plots another trilogy”

  1. P.G.

    I’ve read the words on “Dawn.com” and I’m not sure it is clear.

    I’m hoping that Meyer is plotting to return to the subject of, “The Host,” and create a further two books. Making a trilogy.

    Is that your reading of it?

    Gosh, I hope so. That would make me a very happy bunny indeed:)


  2. Yes I read on her website that she had plans to turn The Host into a trilogy so I’m pretty sure that is what they are talking about here.

  3. I predict that Stephanie will some day own a large portion of the moon.

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