Two Years

28 February 2013

Passive Guy missed the two-year anniversary of his first post on The Passive Voice earlier this month. 4,753 posts have appeared here since then.

PG is a little vague about why he started the blog and it took a few months before the Snark Monkey established residence behind PG’s desk and he began to hit his stride.

PG’s labors here would be immensely boring without visitors and, in particular, visitors who leave comments. PG often learns more from the comments than from the original subject of a post. It’s also nice to see that some of the very earliest commenters still return.

So, thanks to visitors and commenters for making this a delightful place for PG. Please keep coming back.

PG's Thoughts (such as they are)

39 Comments to “Two Years”

  1. PG, I love the blog even more now than I did at the beginning. Happy anniversary! Can’t believe it’s been two years!


  2. P.G. 受動態

    So this is the start of the “Terrible Two’s,” Eh?



    Anjin San

  3. I love this blog. Please keep up the good work, PG!

  4. You’re part of my literary furniture now. Don’t go away.

  5. Congratulations, PG.

    IMO, best blog in the business – bar none. Here’s to two more years of snark!

  6. One of my favorite sites…and has been since I discovered it, which I think was not long after the Snark Monkey arrived.

  7. Bartholomew Thockmorton

    The only site I visit daily!

    Happy anniversary!

    • A day without PG is like a day without sunshine.

      Couldn’t explain why, exactly – it just is.

      And the posts that have PG’s thoughtful analysis as well as interesting bits and links are the best.

  8. Coffee and the Passive Guy start my day.

    Happy anaverse3ry!


  9. Congratulations! Your blog is one of my guilty pleasures!

  10. I’ll echo Ron,

    Coffee and my morning blog crawl always start here. Hope it stays that way for some time.

    Congrats and a big thanks to you PG, for a lawyer, you’re not a bad guy! 🙂

  11. Found your blog while i was wrestling with the decision 2 years ago to self-pub or go for a traditional contract. The information and perspectives here greatly informed my choice, which i have yet to second-guess. This is, i imagine, a common story and why so many of us are still visiting. Thanks for all the time you put into curating the web for us!

  12. Wow, two years, congratulations, PG! I can’t imagine a world without PG’s blog in it. So informative and fun! And, of course, the wonderful snarkiness! 🙂

    And I also want to acknowledge how much hard work this blog must be. You deserve alot of credit for doing this day after day. It’s so appreciated, PG!

  13. Only two years? There’s such a deep and thriving community here, it feels like a blog that’s been around for many, many years. This is an amazing place!

  14. Well, I have started commenting. That’s a compliment on a superb and very helpful blog. Thank you.

  15. Congrats on 2 years. Please do not call animal control about that snark monkey infestation. Instead, keep feeding the little beasties.

  16. I discovered your blog last year – so I’m one of those ‘long time listeners, first time callers’ type of people. I enjoy your insight and your wit. Thank you for all that you do.

    Here’s to another Two years! (And many more!

  17. PG, may you never tire of being of such immense service to us. And may the snark monkey ever guide your typing fingers.

  18. Happy anniversary! This blog and the comments are invaluable and I recommend it all the time.

    Here’s to many more years of snark and discussion!

  19. I curse this blog!

    [In a nice, friendly way, of course].

    I know I should be writing – and where am I?

    Lurking, of course, on PG’s blog.

    Congrats PG and keep it up.

  20. I’ve been pretty out of commission lately, but I’m back just in time to say congrats. It’s surely been fun.

  21. PG, I came to depend on you to deliver the best publishing news a long time ago. You’ve done a lot to provide a sense of community to self-publishing, much less provide information.

    As for the snark monkey, if anything, he could pound the keyboard a little more often. Banana peel gags NEVER get old.

  22. Thank you, PG. I’ve gotten a lot from your blog these past two years. I still remember following that first link from Dean. Happy Bloggie Birthday!

  23. Congratulations on your anniversary, PG! I can’t remember a time when your snarkalicious blog wasn’t here.

  24. Good for you PG. Your eclectic mix of relevant source material, creative commentary and practical advice has always made you a pleasure to come back to.
    Thank you.

  25. Thanks for the awesome blog. It’s been two years of valuable knowledge and links for me!

  26. Congratulations on two years! I always eat breakfast and lunch with The Passive Voice. The inspiration and information have been invaluable as I embark on my own self-publishing journey. And I agree – the comments are as awesome as the posts! This is my second-favorite blog by a lawyer (my top favorite is my husband’s music blog, A Lawyer Who’d Rather Write Music Commentary; hope you don’t mind the shameless plug for my guy)

    Thanks for all your hard work and best wishes for many more years of happy blogging!

  27. Happy anniversary!

  28. Thanks for being here!

  29. Thank you all for the many kind words.

  30. Happy anniversary, PG. This blog has turned into my “daily newspaper.”

  31. Congratulations, PG

    I love this blog. Keep ’em comin’

  32. Happy blogiversary, PG!

  33. Well done PG, thanks for a very informative site.

    I came looking for info about HQN back in June 2011 and after finding much relevant info at that time, I went back and read EVERY post ever posted and every comment ever commented to catch up to the current 2011 date (because, yes, I am that type of person)! 🙂 Don’t think I’ve missed a post since.

    So, not only do I feel that I know each poster rather well (even though you guys don’t know me because I’d only lurked until recently), this site also spurred me on the path to self-publishing, while introducing me to people like DWS, KKR, Konrath & Eisler.

    Though of course, most stories have a downside and this one does too. Kaz Augustin said it a while back actually. Since we’re on the opposite side of the world and different time zones and all that Antipodean stuff, we’re late to the party on posting and all the good stuff has usually been said already and all the arguments laid to rest. It’s the reason I lurk except when drawn out by exciting topics such as copyright and trademarks (because, yes again, I am that type of person)! 🙂

    Ah, but always end with a positive … when I rule the world*, I shall make it mandatory for ‘The Passive Voice’ to be required reading. It’s that good!


    * time yet to be determined, however does not involve zombies or an apocalypse

  34. Thank you! Daily dose of snark monkey is highly appreciated. I’ve learned so much here.

  35. Kyra: “I always eat breakfast and lunch with The Passive Voice.” It’s a great site, and I love it too – but there aren’t THAT many posts on here each day!

  36. I think I found you September 2011. So glad I did!

    Happy anniversary!

  37. Thank you, PG, for a great blog!

  38. Happy blogiversary, PG! And thank you so much for keeping it going for two years.

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