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Book Email Marketing Site BookBub Reaches 1 Million Users

22 March 2013

From a Bookbub press release at Digital Book World:

BookBub today announced it has surpassed one million subscribers. The company, which sends readers a free daily email alerting them to limited-time discounts on acclaimed ebooks, is currently signing up between five and ten thousand new subscribers a day.

“We look forward to continuing to help readers discover deals on books they’ll love.”
“The response to BookBub has been phenomenal, ” said Josh Schanker, BookBub’s president and co-founder. “Readers love taking advantage of the great deals, and publishers have found us to be an effective way to gain exposure for their titles and authors.”

. . . .

The company attributes the interest to BookBub’s approach. When registering, subscribers create a profile listing what they like to read, and BookBub only alerts them to discounts on ebooks matching these interests. BookBub also employs an editorial team to select titles that are of the highest quality and best fit for its subscribers.

. . . .

BookBub’s rapid growth has attracted partners from across the industry to feature ebooks with the service. The company is currently working with five of the big-six publishers, dozens of midsized and small publishing houses, and hundreds of bestselling independent authors.

Link to the rest at Digital Book World


16 Comments to “Book Email Marketing Site BookBub Reaches 1 Million Users”

  1. This was very effective for me – not cheap ($440), but effective.

    However, their vetting is not terribly rigorous – especially for the freebies. I’ve picked up some real stinkers.

    • Bookbub vets and has standards. I’m sure some that are bad slip through, although one person’s bad book is another person’s great read. But here’s the thing: Bookbub applies fairly rigorous standards. No one else in book advertising really does, except some sites that want ten reviews of 4 stars are better. Most sites just take a book and money and go.

      Standards and good presentation are how Bookbub has built up so many subscribers.

      I enjoy getting the Bookbub mailings.

    • In what way was it effective? What did the $440 buy you? I haven’t used them yet.

  2. I would think a lot more highly of them if they had a way for unknown indies to reach that audience.

    They’re only interested if you’re already selling well.

    • They ran an ad for me when I wasn’t selling well and kicked off my sales nicely. I had built up some good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads especially.

      • Did you have a lot of Amazon reviews? I have only a handful. People tell me you need to have a lot of them in order to get an ad.

        • At the time I had 12 on Amazon, 8 on B&N, and 38 on Goodreads. I wouldn’t say that was a lot. Good reviews, no mention of typos. I had released Book 2 in the series. Had three books and three short stories out. They ran one of my adult books and it had a few more reviews than that.

          • Well, then I shall stop griping and see if I can’t get more of my readers to review my book on both venues.

            Thanks, David.

            • You’re welcome. I know for certain that they look at Goodreads reviews. Otherwise, I have no idea. I doubt my review numbers would’ve gotten me a listing in romance or thriller. Fantasy and YA are probably easier categories.

              • BarbaraMorgenroth

                Nope. Bookbub rejected my YA (#1 in a series) that had at the time about 20 reviews with a 4.5 rating. No complaints about typos.

                • This confounds me.

                • Who knows? Other than Bookbub. Something about it didn’t tickle their interest or meet their requirements. I’d try submitting again if you’ve only tried once. Did you specify you wanted a certain time you wanted? Maybe that’s why they declined. I know they will run ads for free ones that have been free for a while, though by their description they only want books that have been reduced for a sale. I dunno.

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