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Catching Fire

15 April 2013

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  1. P.G.

    I really enjoyed the book of the Hunger Games, and very much the film.

    Books 2 and 3 were pretty ho-hum, for me. There has been enormous speculation about the director of the first movie running away because he didn’t have enough time, script control, et al and that would lead to second quality.

    I’m not so sure, you never needed a decent book to make a good film. You need a good script and there’s plenty material in, “Catching Fire,” for a good script.

    Ruthless truth here, while I’m not exactly captivated by her beauty, there’s something ethereal about Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s one of those subtle, technical actors who don’t do much, but do a lot with small gestures. I’d watch her, like Vera Farmiga, in just about anything.


    • I went to college with a lot of talented people who went on to become professional actors and many more who wanted to, but couldn’t make it, Brendan.

      Some men and women look spectacular in person, but, for some reason, don’t light up the screen (or a photo, for that matter), while others who aren’t as impressive in person just come alive on the screen. As photographers say, “The camera loves them.”

      And, as you say, some actors aren’t necessarily beautiful/handsome, but you just have to watch them when they’re onscreen.

  2. That looks awesome. In fact, it looks better than the first film. Do you think the first film was as good as the book?

    • “Do you think the first film was as good as the book?”


      Aware that the two are different art-forms, yes I did.

      The gladiators entering the Arena was astounding. A true, “gasp,” moment.

      You could pick at it, I guess, but I thought it was the best movie I’ve seen for about 5 years. I should point out that I considered, “The Avengers,” and the latest James Bond to be a complete pile of pants. So, my view on movies is fairly individual.


    • I liked the film better than the book. I hadn’t read the book, and didn’t need the movie explained to me. The main reason, though, is because I think Jennifer Lawrence made Katniss a much more sympathetic character. I find her to be extremely annoying in the series, far too often.

      I just LOVE what the costumers have done with Effie. They must be having so much fun with her.

      Can. Not. Wait.

      And it’s a week after my birthday, too, so happy birthday to me!

      • Oh! I liked the movie better than the book too! Although perhaps for different reasons.

        I felt the book really used the violence, much the way a true gladiator’s ring uses the combat as the entertainment. I felt like I was one of the people of Capitol, entertained by watching children kill one another. Ugh! I was entertained, and didn’t much like that I was entertained.

        The movie didn’t make me feel that way. For one thing, the gory details were not shown. For another, the emphasis was different, less on the killing, more on Katniss’ heroism and courage and inherent humanity.

    • I liked the film and the books for different reasons.

      I think the movie really got some of the subtle politics across more effectively, because the focus in the books is more narrow than “global”. I think it also got across some of the cultural make-up of the different peoples better, just for the fact that it’s touched on more in later books than the first book.

      I feel like the Games themselves came across better in the books. Personally.

      And I think some of the characters benefited more from the movie, while others were stronger/more interesting in the books.

      I read the first book first, then watched the movie, and then read the other two books. I liked the second book nearly as much as the first, but hated the third. (Possibly because it was so depressing and suffered from the same problems I had with the last book of Harry Potter: a lot of the main character having their wings clipped and fighting the cage – more than I thought necessary to get the point across.)

      As always, YMMV. 🙂

  3. I just posted this trailer on my blog, too! I loved the book. I can’t wait for the movie!

  4. I’ve just come across this trailer on a Hungarian blog. Google translates the title as The Fights Are Starving.

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