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Dangers Lurk in the Back Yard

17 April 2013

Nothing to do with books, but like many people, PG enjoys IKEA. Artifacts from that store are found here and there in Casa PG.

IKEA undoubtedly has a unique view of the world. PG suspects he’s not alone when he feels slightly dislocated with product descriptions that combine Swedish and English. A couple of years ago, PG entered an IKEA in Barcelona and felt that same dislocation when he read signs that combined Swedish and Catalan. The Swedish seemed familiar and the lingonberries in the Barcelona cafeteria tasted exactly the same.

So, it follows that an IKEA commercial would not be like anyone else’s.



18 Comments to “Dangers Lurk in the Back Yard”

  1. Very funny…and a bit creepy.

  2. I’m confused. I thought IKEA was all about wood. Most of the stuff being featured as backyard furniture was plastic — which, don’t get me wrong, makes a certain amount of sense, but again, I thought IKEA was all about wood.

    • I speak as an IKEA expert because I was there two weeks ago. 🙂

      They have a lot of wood, but also gobs of plastic.

  3. I feel strangely empowered by the woman with the hose.

    • Her steadfast determination to defend hearth and home turned an ordinary garden hose into a weapon of gnomish destruction.

  4. This is exactly why I wrote the book HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK. Gnomes are murderers and cannot be trusted. The only good gnome is a pulverized gnome.

  5. The gnomes threw me at first, but the ad is British. That explained the prevalence of garden gnomes. It explains the gnomes wrath, too. IKEA and gnomes are mutually exclusive. It’s in the fine print. In Swedish.

  6. What the Hell kind of water pressure do they have in the UK?

    • I wondered about the water pressure too, and I’m IN the UK. We do have a bit of a thing about gnomes. Not me personally but just in general 🙂 The ad is all over our commercial television channels at the moment. It keeps reminding me of an episode of Doctor Who – I think there’s a bit of a ‘homage to Who’ in there. Maybe the absolutely terrifying one with the weeping angels.

    • Maybe you’re right, Marc. It’s not the woman I admire, it’s the water pressure.

  7. I like IKEA – hey, I’m half Swedish! – but that is one odd commercial!

    • George from Toronto

      Awwwwww I wish I was half-Swedish! (or whole Swedish). It’s okay though– I have a Swedish girlfriend. 🙂

  8. That was delightful. The part where they’re throwing the gnomes at the fence reminded me of de-gnoming a garden in the Harry Potter books.

  9. The comments here are about as good as the commercial.

    And that commercial was hilarious. And bizarrely effective. I want to go shop at IKEA now.

    I hope they follow up by hiding little orange gnomes throughout their stores.

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