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Killer Touchscreen

16 April 2013

Not much to do with writing, but PG really wants one of these.



8 Comments to “Killer Touchscreen”

  1. Talk about inciting I-WANT-THAT lust. That is so cool.

  2. That’s pretty darned awesome. Also, advertisers will love it just as much as officeworkers and researchers, and so will gamers; so it’s likely to actually come to pass.

    The difficulty is having an overhead/underhand system. You could have something like that at a bar or restaurant without too much danger to the overhead system from food and drink. At an office, office layout might be difficult… but it could be done.

  3. OK, that’s pretty amazing! Seems like something straight out of Eureka.

  4. Cool!

  5. I guess I’m the only one who’s underwhelmed.

    • I did notice he did the same three or four kinds of things over and over and over.

      The concept is the beginning of something, but it will take a lot of programming and hardware to get it to where touch screens are now.

      OTOH, I’ve lived through the past 5 years in publishing…

    • Not really. You do have company.
      Some of us are familiar with the Microsoft/Samsung PixelSense (nee Surface) TableTop line of computers that have been available since 2010:



      They’re not cheap (low 5-figures) so they’re mostly used in casinos and the hosptality business but they also use vision systems (visible+infrared) to control a natural gesture computer.
      The first models were rear-projection, the current ones are flat panels.

      The next gen will combine Kinect sensors for vertical, Wall Computers. Best for conference rooms. And Kinect itself is looking to expand from sensig to sensing and projecting. (Holodeck 1.0)

      One might say the Fujitsu system in the demo is literally a pale imitation of PixelSense and Kinect.

  6. Why, why, why? Why must they invent things that I now WANT?


    Frankly, I think that they are doing it on purpose, those scoundrels!

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