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MacMillan Agrees to $20 Million E-Book Prices Settlement

30 April 2013

From Bloomberg:

Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH’s MacMillan unit agreed to pay $20 million to consumers to settle claims it conspired with Apple and other U.S. publishers to fix the prices of electronic books.

The agreement resolves both a lawsuit by U.S. states and a consumer class-action lawsuit, according to an April 25 letter the Texas attorney general sent to U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote in Manhattan.

. . . .

The Justice Department and the other states led by Texas alleged publishers conspired with Apple in 2010 to undermine discounter Amazon.com’s dominance in the e-books market.

Link to the rest at Bloomberg

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14 Comments to “MacMillan Agrees to $20 Million E-Book Prices Settlement”

  1. In John Sargent’s February letter, he wrote:

    “We settled because the potential penalties became too high to risk even the possibility of an unfavorable outcome.”

    The fact that $20M is preferable tells me all I need to know about how full of crap he is.

    • Oh he’s full of crap. But I think that particular letter was about the DoJ case only, didn’t touch on the States or the EU cases I believe.

  2. Is 20 million alot for publishers? I honestly don’t know.

    Either way, I’m glad they were called to account.

    I’m waiting for my part of the lawsuit. Amazon said it would show up in my account. I’m looking!

  3. “conspired ”


    Ah, one of Officer Stallard’s most favoured arrestable offences. People use the word so easily, and have no idea what bracing consequences can arise. It’s a wonderful offence, because it can apply to ANY darned thing.

    On arrest they are filled with righteous indignation, “haven’t you coppers got anything better to do?” (As it happens, till you’re in jail, no:)

    As they spend time with their barristers and baristas and find how the silken knot is tightening around their throats they become more amenable. Until they are oleaginously attempting to oil slick underneath the cell door to escape the horror.

    As a certain English Politician and his wife of the time of the offence had cause to note lately, they both spent time as guests of her majesty for some as they thought, piddling motoring nonsense.

    That McMillan have accepted and paid up means that they have admitted they conspired. They can woffle, but that’s the bottom line.

    Apple’s lawyers have some work to do:)

    Dangerous place, conspiracy. Here be dragons.

    I managed to lock up quite a few for conspiracy, of all types. The one thing I NEVER got was someone for bribery. You know, the loudmouth who tells you how he always hands over a $20 bill with his drivers licence when speeding?

    No one ever dared do that with me. How I wish they had:)


  4. P.G.

    Did I get it wrong?

    I get that Conspiracy is a catch-all offence.

    I wondered if, perhaps a look at it from a cop/prosecutor’s eyes might be useful for everyone of us.

    Conspiracy is dangerous, as is the world. You mess with it at great danger.

    If perhaps, people yapping about dodgy things in public is something we ought to talk about.


    Me..you know where I’d be:)


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