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Ray Bradbury Classics Finally Coming as eBooks

30 April 2013

8 Comments to “Ray Bradbury Classics Finally Coming as eBooks”

  1. Finally. I’ve wanted Something Wicked This Way Comes in eBook form for quite a while.

  2. One of the things I love about the digital era is that so many fantastic stories, that have been out of print forever, are finding their way into eBook format. The eBooks are truly Aladdin’s Cave of Wonder.

    • Although Ray Bradbury wasn’t much of a fan of eBooks. He once said of the Kindle: “Those aren’t books. You can’t hold a computer in your hand like you can a book. A computer does not smell. There are two perfumes to a book. If a book is new, it smells great. If a book is old, it smells even better. It smells like ancient Egypt. A book has got to smell. You have to hold it in your hands and pray to it. You put it in your pocket and you walk with it. And it stays with you forever. But the computer doesn’t do that for you. I’m sorry.”

      • He didn’t have a tablet computer, I guess. Or an ereader. I spend plenty of time holding it in my hands and praying to it. And it (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) will stay with me forever.

        That said, I love print books, too.

        Good thing I can have both.

  3. Unfortunately, they may be available as ebooks but the ebook prices are ridiculous. 🙁

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