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The Night Rainbow

11 April 2013

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  1. PG, I wish you’d quit posting book trailers. They keep making me buy books — so now my to-be-read pile is taller than I am. I took a look at the sample for this one, then promptly hit the buy button, cursing you.

    • So book trailers do work, then, Patricia. Some authors don’t think they do.

      • Discovering them is the part that’s hard. I wouldn’t have found the trailers you feature — not on my own.

  2. Hmmm. I would change this trailer – although, it’s possible that I’m not the target audience.

    It’s beautifully made, the voice acting is terrific, and the graphics and music are lovely.

    The downside – I don’t know the genre. Is this fantasy? If so, it’s rather sad for fantasy – and I would put more fantasy elements, I think. If it’s fiction, is it adult fiction? YA? MG?

    The emphasis here is on loss, but it doesn’t give the reader a sense of what lies ahead. So, I’m not sure it will attract as many readers as it probably should….just my thoughts.

    It certainly is very beautiful, though! 🙂

    • It certainly doesn’t give you a synopsis of what the book’s about, but the trailer works for me because it makes me curious to look up the book and learn more. Which, I suppose, is the purpose for book trailers – to get you curious.

      (I have gone to Amazon and Bloomsbury websites and the synopsis doesn’t reveal that much, but it’s intriguing enough that I’ve put the book in my Amazon wish list to buy later. Reading the excerpt, I love the narrative voice, though I think it’s a bit older than a five-year-old would have. Then again, I wouldn’t want to read a novel actually written by a five-year-old.)

  3. I’d guess Adult contemporary fiction.

    What she’s selling is voice.

    The little girls speaks them well, but the words are the author’s – and that’s why you’d read the rest.

    If it’s genre, making that apparent is the cover’s job.

    If it is mainstream, you sell ‘novel’ and ‘voice.’

    And something that makes you want to spend more time on it.

    Nicely done – everyone loves little girls.

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