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Amazon to open major London office

30 May 2013

From The Bookseller:

Amazon is to open a London office large enough to accommodate 1,600 employees later this year.

The new office will be based at 60 Holborn Viaduct, 210,000 square foot in size and spread across 12 floors, accommodating “several hundred existing employees” from “a variety of teams”, as well as hundreds of future ones.

. . . .

Christopher North, managing director of Amazon.co.uk, said: “Amazon has over 6,000 permanent employees in the UK and we will continue to create thousands of jobs in the coming years across the UK. We look forward to drawing from the capital’s strong pool of talent as we continue to innovate and enhance our service for the benefit of all our customers.”

Link to the rest at The Bookseller

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3 Comments to “Amazon to open major London office”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. My U.K. sales have quadrupled over the last six months. They may be going digital at a faster pace than the US has.

  2. Howls of dismay coming in 3…2…

  3. This is huge. Amazon is absolutely brilliant. The way they are dealing with the negative press in England, the pressure to pay taxes, etc. is to open a business that will:

    a. pay taxes

    b. bring thousands of jobs. Wow. Thousands to a Country that is struggling financial.

    Amazon is starting to become my role model for conflict resolution.

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