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Ten Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

4 June 2013

From Huffington Post UK:

It’s 5am. I am suddenly awake, bolt upright. A strange feeling. I had to get up NOW and do it. I knew I couldn’t do anything else until I did.

I needed to WRITE. The creative juices that I long to flow when I want them to were bursting through a dam of their own accord. The malady of the right brained.

. . . .

So, what’s the issue? Getting that 5am focused urge to write, or CHANNELLING the effervescence of ideas into projects doesn’t happen as often as I need it to. I wish it did. It’s exhilarating. It takes no effort – I am in flow, safely inside a bubble’s sphere instead of outside of it, watching it go pop.

So how can we get creative in the first place? And act upon those ideas to see them through to fruition?

. . . .

Three) Trust it will come all by itself

Neuroscience suggests that approx 80-90% of ‘thought’ is done by the subconscious brain. So don’t try too hard to consciously ‘overcome’ a creativity block by overthinking. Allow the mind to do the work and it will happen. Feel the force, as Yoda would say. When thoughts do come – have a pen and paper notebook handy to jot down. I have one on my desk, in my handbag, and by my bed at all times.

. . . .

Five) Get a little noisy

My best ideas come in the shower. I spend ages in there, as I feel so alive and creative. Could this be down to the background noise? Science has shown that a little, particularly white noise, at about 70 decibels enhances the creative mind. Any louder than 85db, & that process is inhibited.

Link to the rest at Huffington Post UK

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5 Comments to “Ten Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing”

  1. Sigh. A compulsion to babble utter rot like this has really infected a lot of people, hasn’t it? But why do otherwise modestly respectable publications feel the need to propagate it? It makes me pine for the good old days when the only nutters we ran across in the course of a day were the street corner crazies…

  2. I wouldn’t call it rot. But I would say that most writers have already figured most of that out.

  3. For the creative people, they know all of this, even if it is instinctive. For the others it may help, but unless you’re able to create and be comfortable in the fuzzy-make-believe world, the information may not make sense at all.

  4. Or you can be trapped away from your writing device and any scratch paper or recording devices, unable to record the idea that just walked up and slapped you alongside the head. That seems to be when I get the most inspired to write.

  5. Of course, throw a deadline into it and suddenly you get very creative. No time to wait for inspiration. lol

    But, the background noise may explain why I do most of my writing in the wee hours of the morning when the fan is running and my wife is asleep. Hum.

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