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22 Productivity Tricks and Tools You Love

3 July 2013

From BookRiot:

[W]e asked you to share your favorite tips and tools for getting things done. Tons of what we can only assume are super-organized, task-master Riot readers chimed in.

. . . .

Do the worst item on your list first. Everything else is easier from there.

. . . .

Turn off the wi-fi on your computer when you’re working on a task that doesn’t require connectivity.

. . . .

Self-Restraint and Mac Freedom–programs to shut off social media

Evernote app for collecting lists, notes, reminder photos

Link to the rest at BookRiot

PG has been a giant fan of Evernote since it first released. It’s one of the few freemium programs he subscribes to, not because he needs the premium features, but just to support it.

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