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I just couldn’t leave

28 July 2013

A gem from the spam bucket:

I just couldn’t leave your website before suggesting that I really loved the usual info an individual supply in your visitors? Is gonna be again incessantly to check out new posts.


10 Comments to “I just couldn’t leave”

  1. Me sense to makes.

  2. Donna White Glaser

    I’ve always said the individual supply of info in your visitors is outstanding. Great job, PV!

  3. Dear Yoda: do not drink and post on forums. And put down that light sabre. Sheesh.

  4. A couple ge(r)ms from my own spam-catcher:

    * Circumstance a few factors i was searching for. I did not anticipate that we’d acquire so considerably absent from reading through by way of your very own compose up! You’ve just acquired your returning buyer…

    * Inexperienced radio or ham is definitely largely a hobby action.

  5. Come on. English is a difficult language to master.
    Especially so for space aliens.


  6. Glad to know I’m not the only one incessantly checking posts. 🙂

  7. I’ve never understood what it is this crap achieves for its generator.

    • It’s a tactic to get “approved” status as a poster so that subsequent posts will bypass the spam filters. (Depends on the settings in the blog software, to a degree.) The idea being that if you post something positive-sounding, it will be approved. Once approved, they can start posting the real spam. (Sometimes, the spammy part is the poster’s “home page” link which will be a commercial link. At the very least it helps raise the profile in link-counting search engines, if they do enough of it.)

      It must work somewhere (just as email spam must work in some non-zero percent of cases to make it worthwhile), although the kind of blogs I read (like this one) are run by people too intelligent to fall for it.

  8. I love poor translations. There was a racing game I used to play (I can’t remember the name now) that granted you the title of “Number One Victory Champion” when you won. I’ll tell ya, you’re not a winner until you’ve been crowned number one victory champion.

  9. This is a little novelty book waiting to happen. Choice bits of spam could be very funny.


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