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Self-Published Books Eligible for 2014 RITA Contest

17 July 2013

From Romance Writers of America:

The RWA Board of Directors met for two productive days in Atlanta, and one of the items on the agenda for the meeting was the adoption of rules for the 2014 RITA and Golden Heart contests. We are pleased to announce some exciting changes. In furtherance of RWA’s strategic goals of raising awareness and status of the RITA Awards, and ensuring the RITA contest remains viable in light of industry evolution, the Board is pleased to announce the following:

  • All published romance novels and novellas with a copyright date of 2013 are eligible to enter the 2014 RITA, including self-published works.
  • Number of total entries will be increased by 66 percent (from 1,200 to 2,000).
  • All author-entrants are eligible to judge the preliminary round. PAN members who are not entered in the contest also are eligible to judge the preliminary round. The final round will be judged by PAN members.
  • Changes to categories:
    • A category was added for Erotic Romance
    • Contemporary romances will be divided into two categories: novels with fewer than 65,000 words and those with 65,000 words or more
  • All entries with a minimum total score of at least 90 percent of the total possible score will advance to the final round. This means that no entry will be advantaged or disadvantaged by the number of entries in a category. Final round entries will be scored in the same manner as the preliminary round.
  •  Judges will be allowed to opt in to their preferred categories; they must choose at least five categories.

Link to the rest at RWA and thanks to Shelly for the tip.

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8 Comments to “Self-Published Books Eligible for 2014 RITA Contest”

  1. Yay on 2 counts – the indie inclusion, and the fact that they’re finally acknowledging Erotic Romance as a subgenre.

    Of course, I’m sure having Sylva Day as the new RWA president helped with both those things. 🙂

  2. My initial response took the form of interpretive dance. Mostly about the inclusion of Erotic Romance as a subgenre.

  3. F***ing wow! They just eliminated most of the reasons I left the organization.

  4. Well dine, RWA. Continuing to be the only author organization that understands what the point of author org’s is.

  5. I might actually enter this year. Nice 🙂
    I’m glad to see they’re being a bit more progressive.

  6. This is great. Way to go, RWA!

  7. Lol, Kort.

    This is awesome! Double yay! 😀

  8. They come and go with erotic romance. It’s been recognized before (about 2004?) and then unrecognized. Depends on how conservative the RWA leaders are.

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