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Skeleton in scuba gear

3 July 2013

PG’s writing prompt for the morning.

From Digital Journal:

A skeleton wearing a black and grey wetsuit, flippers and a carrying a backpack has been found floating in the Ibiza canal near Alicante, Spain. Carrying a Moroccan passport and a whole load of cash, police are trying to establish the person’s identity.

The skeletal body was found by the crew of the yacht “Yaiza”, 40 miles from Calpe, in a stretch of sea which separates the mainland city of Alicante from the island of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands.

. . . .

Amongst the clues was a backpack bearing the logo “Keep Moving.” On opening the backpack, police found a mobile phone, clothing perfectly preserved in waterproof packaging, a wad of cash worth €540 ($700) and a Moroccan passport.

While the skeleton was wearing scuba clothing, no oxygen bottles were found.

. . . .

[P]olice are theorizing that the victim may have been an immigrant attempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco to Spain.

Link to the rest at Digital Journal

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17 Comments to “Skeleton in scuba gear”

  1. (Checks calendar to confirm today isn’t April 1.)

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up. If I had put this in a story, the editor would most likely have bounced it.

  2. I suspect Clive Cussler already wrote that one :).

  3. Patricia Sierra

    I’ve begun my book about this. Opening sentence:

    Harry forgot only one thing when he set off on his vacation at the shore.

  4. My twin 14 y/o sons just came back from a school trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. I wonder ….

    • Huh. I too have twin 14 y/o sons. Not that they were ever anywhere near Gibraltar.

      The passport and phone (if still dry) should provide some clue as to the identity … or at least of whom somebody wanted others to think the body belonged to.

  5. I’ve got nothing. I just keep thinking of the Hanna/Jason Bourne scenarios. Or Lost. Yes. You think the body is one person, but they’ve actually been whisked away to a strange, secret world to become the agent that saves our world.

    Or, this strait is actually a necromanteion, like the Greeks thought the coast of … France? was the opening to Hades. This person is not really dead, he’s questing through the underworld, to bring back his lost love. He’ll be in trouble if they do an autopsy, though…

    Or, if firmly in our world, they’re the not-as-good forerunner to Jason Bourne, or the 006 whose death 007 must avenge.

  6. This should have been translated to Ibiza Channel. Not a canal but a large area of open sea between Ibiza and mainland Spain. Nearly 200 miles from the African continent. Something tells me he (she?) didn’t start swimming from there but rather attempted to swim the Straits of Gibraltar, fell short, and drifted east.

    Reminds me of the time a bright orange neoprene survival suit, standard issue for boats in the Gulf of Alaska, drifted ashore in Hawaii with a pile of bones inside.

  7. I’ve got to admit, this is the line that made me chuckle the most: “Carrying a Moroccan passport and a whole load of cash, police are trying to establish the person’s identity.”

    It conjures up images of policemen wandering around carrying a Moroccan passport and a load of cash, looking for clues…

  8. “Slathered in butter, I enjoyed the popcorn.”

  9. Yup, its the real deal. Spain has endless fascinating and different stories going on all the time. 🙂


  10. Illegal immigrant, most likely. All of the Southern EU states get a lot of illegal immigrants, mostly from Africa, who try to cross the Mediterranean Sea. A lot die every year while making the crossing, mostly due to overloaded or not seaworthy boats. I’ve never heard of a scuba diving immigrant yet, but it’s not unlikely either. Either he came on a boat, tried to scuba-dive ashore and never made it or he tried to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and drifted off.

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