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30 July 2013

A wounded deer leaps the highest.

Emily Dickinson


6 Comments to “Wounded”

  1. Unless its hind leg is broken.

  2. Shaking my head at Violet, I will say this quote struck me as deeply poignant: both heartbreaking and potentially empowering.

    That’s writing.

  3. From a hunter here: deer dont leap when they are shot with arrow or rifle. They may be suddenly slammed sideways from the percussion of the shot. But, then, they fall. Not only from the shot, but likely from the pain as well, and the shock. A good hunter will fell the deer as quickly as possible and kill as cleanly as possible, to keep the animal from struggling/ suffering, but also so that the meat is edible and not massively bruised. No hunter wants to merely ‘wound’ a deer. I think we know what Dickenson meant, but in her time she clearly lived away from the realities of hunting. Sometimes a turn of phrase that sounds good but isnt true, may also have a symbolic meaning. Since she was a mystic-invalid-poet-socially restrained woman, maybe it’s meant symbolically.

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